How the platform works offers a wide variety of products and services. Some require a doctor’s prescription, other over the counter products are freely available.

Youtubeblock highlight offers a wide variety of products and services. Some require a doctor’s prescription, other over the counter products are freely available.

Ordering prescription-only medicines

For medications requiring a doctor’s prescription, you are charged the cost of the medical consultation and the price of the product itself. The consultation takes place during step 3 of the ordering process. First, we ask you to complete a questionnaire. These questions are exactly the same questions your GP would ask you such as your symptoms, use of other medications, medical history and so on. Please make sure that you answer these honestly and accurately, so that our doctors can provide you with proper advice.

Once you have submitted the completed questionnaire, we pass it on to expert medical specialists and pharmacies. A doctor assesses your situation and checks that the medication you are requesting is safe and suitable. If there is any doubt, they may ask you some additional questions. Once your treatment has been approved, the doctor fills out a prescription and sends it directly to one of our affiliated pharmacies. This entire process is handled with complete discretion. Your products are delivered to your home within a few days. It is that simple!

Ordering other products

To order a non-prescription product, the process is the same as in any other webshop. Simply add the item to your cart, click on “Finish order” and select your preferred method of payment. Once you have completed the process, your order will be delivered within a few days.

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Security, privacy and discretion

Security makes every effort to protect your sensitive information. We use 2048-bit encryption to encode all data entered on our website, our servers are highly secure and once every two weeks a specialist data security firm scans the entire system and the website for security loopholes and vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Privacy and discretion

Privacy enforces a strict privacy policy to protect your personal data.

The information you submit to us is used only to optimise our service to you. We never share it with any third party, except our affiliated doctors and pharmacies. Any communication between you and one of our doctors is conducted on an encrypted website.

Discretion is of the utmost importance to us. It is one of the main reasons why our customers put their trust in us time and again. The package containing your order bares only the name of the dispensing pharmacy (this is a legal requirement). Your bank or credit card statement mentions only “”, with your order number. Because we sell thousands of different items, nobody knows what you have ordered.

Help us fight fake drugs

Fake drugs are becoming increasingly dangerous. In the past,many of the counterfeit scams claimed to be treatments for erectile dysfunction or weight products. Nowadays, however, even drugs for life-threatening diseases like malaria and cancer are being copied. Nobody knows what it is in these fake pills. At best they are ineffectual, at worse they can be toxic, even fatal. And they are always dangerous because the people taking them are not receiving the right medication. Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry is working closely with governments, customs services and agencies like Interpol and Europol to stamp out the problem.

The internet is also fuelling the problem, with countless illegal online pharmacies. On this front, the EU is currently in the process of introducing a quality mark for approved internet pharmacies, so that the public can recognise reliable suppliers in this field. However, this solution will only work if the approved pharmacies are permitted to sell prescription medicines throughout Europe, overturning the current ban in some countries. After all, the consumer demand is already there. Maintaining the bans only drives buyers into the hands of illegal suppliers. In our view, the best solution is a properly regulated legal market with clear guidelines and proper inspections.

Naturally, works only with legal medical certified doctors and pharmacists who supply only genuine branded medicines from the official manufacturers.

graphic-how-it-works and the law offers you a safe, reliable online health platform, giving you the freedom and the resources you need to make considered choices about your own body and the treatment it receives. Day and night, our secure, user-friendly environment deploys the latest technology to provide you with access to a comprehensive range of medical know-how, products and services to suit your personal requirements. has received positive widespread media coverage, much of its focusing upon the desire of allowing online doctors and pharmacies.

All our activities are entirely legal under EU legislation. But because of the variety of different rules in place at the European level, in individual member states and other countries, and their impact upon our platform (the website), our doctors and pharmacies and you as our customer, questions often arise.

Frequently asked questions

Can medicines be sent by post?

packaging We draw a distinction between so-called “over-the-counter” (OTC) and prescription-only medicines. Almost all EU countries allow OTC products to be sent by post, and many now permit that with those requiring a prescription as well. They include Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden and Denmark. However, the dispensing pharmacy usually has to obtain a special licence to do so. Postal dispatch remains illegal in some other countries, though. works only with pharmacies in countries where it is legal to send prescription-only medicines through the post.

When is a pharmacy permitted to dispense a prescription?

In principle, a pharmacy can dispense a prescription-only medicine once it receives a valid doctor’s prescription. However, the exact rules vary from country to country. In the UK, for instance, electronic prescriptions are accepted. In Germany, the prescription still has to be on paper and bear the doctor’s actual signature. All the pharmacies we work with comply fully with the rules applicable in their own country.

Can medicines be shipped to another country?

EU-law Within the EU, you can carry most medicines for your own personal use across national borders (see EU Directive 2001/83 / EC, Article 30). There are a few exceptions to this rule, most notably for so-called controlled drugs like opiates. However, does not sell these. All of our affiliates are legal operating pharmacies licensed in an EU country, and they only dispatch medicines approved for use within the EU.

In other words, we do not send medicines from outside the EU. Nor will our pharmacies supply any drug that is controlled in the country you are ordering from, even if that is not the case in the source country. Despite this EU Directive, conditions may still vary from country to country. We advise you to check your local laws and conditions.

What is a cross-border prescription within the EU?

Consumer rights in the field of e-health have improved considerably within the EU in recent years. In 2013 the so-called cross-border prescription was introduced, making a prescription issued in one member state valid in all the others. This means that any prescription written as a result of your online consultation with a doctor in the UK can be used anywhere in the EU.

Can a doctor write a prescription online, and what rules apply?

This is permitted in some countries, including the UK, which is a European pioneer in this respect. In others, like the Netherlands, a doctor may only write a prescription online if they have an “existing medical relationship” with the patient. Each nation has its own rules. Under EU regulations, however, the patient has an absolute right to obtain healthcare (in this case, consult a doctor) in any member state, because the EU's free movement of services also applies to medical services. This is the service facilitated by wherever you are in Europe, we help you to exercise your right to consult a UK doctor. Under UK law they can hold that consultation online and, if necessary, write you an online prescription. Note, however, that this cross-border service is not currently covered by national health insurance schemes.

As consumers, we are better informed now than we ever have been. Thanks to the internet, an entire world of knowledge and opportunities has opened to us. We have more choices than we ever dreamed possible. So is it not logical that we should expect the same when it comes to our health? At, we think it is. That is why we have been fighting since 2003 to give patients a bigger say in the care they receive: power to the patient.

Who regulates the doctors and pharmacies puts me in touch with?

Dr-Syed There are two levels of regulation. Naturally, all the doctors and pharmacies we work with are subject to official regulation by the appropriate authorities in their own country. All of these practitioners are listed here, together with the name of their regulatory body.

In addition, itself monitors them closely. Specifically, we check that every affiliated practitioner (doctor or pharmacist) holds all the necessary qualifications, licences and permits for the work they carry out in partnership with us. Moreover, our own in-house doctor, who never issues prescriptions for our customers, oversees the medical processes related to our website.

How can I be sure that your medicines are not fake? collaborates solely with verified medically certified doctors and pharmacies that only prescribe and dispense brand-name drugs from legal manufacturers. In other words, the drugs that are dispensed by our partner pharmacies come from the original manufacturer. However, it may occur that a pharmacy with bulk medicines in stock will send out your order in different packaging. All products are subjected to stringent quality checks in order to provide the highest level of quality. Should you have any reason to doubt the quality or authenticity of the medicine that you have ordered, please contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will be able to determine from the barcode whether the medicine is genuine or fake. Please be aware that some products may have foreign packaging. This is not unusual or a cause for alarm. We ensure that all medicines ordered through are authentic.