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Experiences with Levitra

Levitra is used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The active ingredient, vardenafil, improves blood flow to the penis and restores erectile function. Levitra has helped many men overcome impotence. So it is not surprising that many of our customers are very enthusiastic about this product. Especially the fact that Levitra has few side effects is found to be a major benefit.

Levitra reviews

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The benefits of Levitra

Levitra more or less works in the same way as other erection pills. There are, however, a few differences which make Levitra such a popular product. We have listed the advantages below:

  • Levitra works faster than Viagra and Cialis: you will be able get a full erection within 20 minutes of swallowing a tablet;
  • Spontaneous love life: thanks to the fast onset of action, you won’t have to plan sex at least one hour ahead of time.
  • Longer effect: the effects of Levitra last around six hours, while Viagra only remains effective for about four hours;
  • Levitra can benefit a large group of men. Men who don’t respond well to Viagra or Cialis often have good results from Levitra.
  • Because Levitra contains a low dose of the active ingredient, it can be a good alternative for men who have high blood pressure, diabetes or other health conditions that do not allow them to use Viagra.

Levitra and side effects

Customers who have used Levitra reported that this ED drug has remarkably few side effects. The tablets of the lowest dose (5 mg) hardly produce any side effects or none at all. The side effects that do occur are minor and include nasal congestion, facial flushing, headache and dizziness. The higher the dose, the greater the chance of side effects. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the lowest dose. If you don’t have a positive response, you can ask your doctor to increase the dose.

How to use Levitra

Levitra is very easy to use. If you take a tablet during foreplay you will notice that your penis will respond to sexual stimulation within about 15 minutes. A tip from users of Levitra: take the tablet on an empty stomach. Taking this medicine with food can cause Levitra to take effect in a delayed way.
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Read the package leaflet for more information about risks and side effects, or ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.