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The doctors and pharmacists

Dokteronline.com is more than just an online platform. Our organisation is a network of doctors, pharmacists and support staff who put their heart and soul into serving our customers.

As soon as you submit a medical consultation request to us, one of our expert doctors looks at your symptoms and medical history. He or she then issues a recommendation for the medications that you have requested. our doctors are real medical certified doctors and if approved, that means that a prescription will be written for you. There is nothing else you need to do. Your medicines are delivered direct to your home within a few days.

Dr Syed Arfeen

Med Syed Dr. Syed Arfeen is one of our medical practitioners. As a qualified doctor and a surgeon in London, he has spent more than ten years working for Britain’s leading university hospitals.

We find Dr. Arfeen a versatile and forward-thinking medical expert. His specialisations include gynaecology, paediatric medicine and chronic diseases.

As well as being registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), Dr. Arfeen is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

In his own words, Dr. Arfeen is “a strong believer in e-health” - which is why he has joined Dokteronline.com.

'a strong believer in eHealth'

Qualified doctors

Dokteronline.com has worked for many years with a regular team of 8 or more qualified doctors, whose backgrounds we have checked exhaustively. We also constantly monitor their prescribing behaviour and work with them to refine our product range, our medical history questionnaire and our medical guidelines.

You will always find the name of your personal doctor and their official registration number in the confirmation e-mail you receive once your request for treatment has been assessed. The e-mail also contains a link to the relevant regulatory body in the EU country in which your doctor works. With this information, it is easy to verify their registration online.

Medici cartoon

Our affiliated pharmacies

The pharmacies we work with are all located in EU countries and comply fully with all relevant regulations within the EU. They have also been checked by us for quality and professionalism, as well as their licences and qualifications. Again, we work closely with our affiliated pharmacies to refine our product range and medical guidelines.
All of our pharmacies are overseen by the relevant regulatory body in the country in which they are located.

EU quality mark for internet pharmacies

Since July 2015 there is an official EUapproved label for Internet pharmacies. Dokteronline.com is not an internet pharmacy, but the pharmacies that we work with all have this label and can be viewed online or their application is currently pending.

Some of the pharmacies handling orders on your behalf:


Name of pharmacy : Instant Pharma
Registration number : 1109347
Registration certificate : Instant-pharma.pdf
Pharmacist registration number : Gail Seavor MPharm (GPhC 2600690)
Regulatory body : General Pharmaceutical Council


Name of pharmacy : Natcol
Registration number : 1104545
Registration certificate : Natcol.pdf
Regulatory body : General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)


Dokteronline.com pharmacy network

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