The Symptom Check

Do you have physical complaints? Are you unsure whether or not to see your GP? The Symptom Check helps you to understand your medical symptoms. Within just a few minutes, the Symptom Check tells you whether you should see your GP or if it’s OK to wait to see how your symptoms develop. The benefits of the Symptom Check are:

  • Clear explanation of your symptoms and potential causes.
  • Self care information about how to look after yourself and manage your symptoms.
  • Advice when to see your GP.
  • Approved by doctors as a reliable and safe tool.
  • Quick, cost-free and obligation-free health advice.

How does the Symptom Check work?

The Symptom Check is very user-friendly tool. All you have to do is answer a few questions to check your symptoms and get advice on what to do next.

The Symptom Check is an advanced computer programme that uses an algorithm. The programme is based on medical guidelines that have been established by GPs, complemented with scientific knowledge from other sources. This makes the advice provided highly reliable.

What symptoms can be checked with the Symptom Checker?

The Symptom Check gives advice on stomach ache, sore throat, coughing, headache, back pain, genital problems and fever. More symptoms will be added to this list shortly. The Symptom Check is currently available in Dutch and English.

Why use the Symptom Checker?

Many people wait to see their GP until they have some physical evidence to back up what they are feeling. Many people often prefer to browse the Internet in search of possible causes and advice. That sometimes may be the case when some people are embarrassed to talk about their symptoms. Others don’t have time to visit the doctor’s office or believe that seeing their GP is a waste of time.

Although the Internet can be a great resource, the medical information that you find online is often unclear, incomplete or inaccurate. This may lead to unnecessary concerns or ignoring alarming health signs. The

Symptom Check changes all that. It provides you with relevant and clear advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances and based on reliable medical guidelines.

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1. The Symptom Check gives safe advice

Privacy The Symptom Check has been developed in cooperation with the Academic Medical Center (AMC), one of the foremost research institutions as well as one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, based on guidelines used by healthcare professionals nationwide. The content of the Symptom Check is subject to continuous testing and monitoring. Note: the Symptom Check is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor in case of serious health problems or persistent symptoms.

2. The Symptom Check gives understandable advice

Trying to find websites that provide well-founded diagnoses and clear information without medical jargon is like a needle in a haystack. With the Symptom Checker, you no longer have to do this. The Symptom Check provides you with clear answers to your questions, helps you to recognise signs and symptoms of serious problems, tells you when to see your GP, and gives advice on how to look after yourself and manage your symptoms.

3. The Symptom Check gives personal advice

Many medical websites give information based on one symptom. However, in order to arrive at a proper diagnosis it is also important to know if someone is young or old, male or female, healthy or ill. The Symptom Check does not only give advice based on the entered symptoms, but also asks for important additional information. This allows for the advice to be tailored to the specific personal needs of the user and ensures the information provided is accurate and reliable.

How was the Symptom Check developed?

Doctors use guidelines to determine whether or not your symptoms are serious. The professionals involved in designing the Symptom Check combined these guidelines with additional medical information: academic articles, input from doctors from the AMC and other hospitals, and so on.

Privacy This has resulted in a computer programme which asks relevant questions for each specific situation and is also capable of perfectly analysing the answers. The Symptom Checker’s programme was thoroughly tested by medical professionals, technicians and users until all quality requirements were met.

Do you have questions? Check out the Terms of Use or contact our customer service.

The Symptom Check

Try our Symptom Check now and see if your symptoms are serious and what could be causing them within just a few minutes. Then learn about possible next steps.

Try the Symptom Check