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Vermox tablets contain the active ingredient mebendazole, which is a type of medicine called an anthelmintic. It is used to treat certain types of worm infections of the gut. More information

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Read the package leaflet for more information about risks and side effects, or ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

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What is Vermox?

Vermox tablets contain the active ingredient mebendazole, which is a type of medicine called an anthelmintic. It is used to treat certain types of worm infections of the gut. The dead worms, eggs and larvae are excreted from the gut in the stools.

What is Vermox used for?

Intestinal parasites, or worms, live in the intestines where they attach to intestinal walls, ingest blood and lay eggs. This can cause symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhoea and weight loss. There are different kinds of worm infections, including:

  • Threadworm (pinworm) infections: these parasites lay eggs on a person’s skin around the anus. This leads to itching and scratching of the area, especially at night. Threadworms are light yellow or white worms of about one cm in length. Infected children or adults should be treated with anthelmintics as soon as possible. The rest of the family should also be treated at the same time to prevent re-infection.
  • Tapeworm infections: tapeworms are flat intestinal worms that are made up of many small segments. White, rectangular-shaped segments of around one to three cm can be found in stool.
  • Whipworm infections: most common in warm climates.
  • Roundworm infections: roundworms are cream-coloured worms that look like earthworms. In some cases, bits of roundworm or a tangled ball of roundworms are passed in the stool.

Vermox treats the worm infection and eliminates associated symptoms.

How to use Vermox

Vermox tablets should be swallowed whole with some liquid. They can also be chewed before swallowing. The tablets can be taken with or without food. It is important that you finish the course. Courses typically vary from one to several days. The doctor will tell you how long you need to take this medicine.


The number of tablets to take, how often and for how long will depend on the worm infection being treated. The recommended dose for most worm infections in adults and children is:

  • For the treatment of threadworms, one Vermox tablet should be taken as a single dose. If necessary, a second dose should be taken after two weeks.
  • For the treatment of roundworms, whipworms and hookworms, one Vermox tablet should be taken twice daily for three days. If the infection has not cleared up in three weeks, the course should be repeated.

Vermox is not suitable for children under two years of age. Read the package leaflet before use.

Side effects

In general, Vermox has very few side effects. In rare cases it may cause:

  • Stomach pain and/or diarrhoea (these symptoms could also be caused by the worm infection);
  • Allergic skin reaction due to hypersensitivity.

Consult a doctor if these or other side effects are severe. For more information, see the package leaflet.

When not to use Vermox

Vermox is not suitable for everyone. Do not use this anthelmintic if:

  • You are allergic to mebendazole or any other ingredient in this medicine.

If you are already taking medication, you should consult a doctor on the use of Vermox to avoid potential interactions.

Pregnancy/driving ability/alcohol

Avoid taking this medicine during the first months of pregnancy. Do not use it in the subsequent months of pregnancy without your doctor’s approval. Vermox can be used safely while breastfeeding.

This medicine does not interact with alcohol or affect your ability to drive safely.

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