Doktoronline.com is gaining more clients. That shows how \\\\\\\'normal\\\\\\\' online shopping is nowadays. Shopping on the Internet is easy and fast. By shopping with Dokteronline.com you also get :
- Free shipping for prescription medications.
- Your order will be quickly and discretely packaged and delivered to your doorstep.

Additionally Dokteronline.com has a large range of medications and drugstore products, so you can always find what your looking for.

Safe way to order medication
The media frequently sends out warnings about ordering medication online. And for good reasons. Unfortuneatly there are a lot of illegitimate suppliers that sell fake drugs or con their clients in a different way. When ordering from Dokteronline.com be rest assured we only work with certified European pharmacies and legally certified registered doctors. Our medicines come from the official manufacturer and they are only prescribed by our doctor when medically justified.

How to order online?
Doktoronline.com’s internet pharmacy works simpler than you might think. Ordering drugstore products or health products actually goes just like any other shop: you put an item in your basket and pay online. If you buy a prescription drug, it goes through an online consultation. The ordering process will consist of the following three steps:
1. Fill in the online medical questionnaire. It contains questions that your GP would ask, for example questions about your height, weight, a description of your symptoms and smoking behaviour.
2. An independent doctor will review your medical records and determine whether you can use the medication safely. If that is the case, then an on-line prescription is sent to the associated pharmacy.
3. Your medications are packaged and shipped directly from the pharmacy.


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