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5 Healthy lifestyle tips for Londoners to take up this summer

5 Healthy lifestyle tips for Londoners to take up this summer read here and find out what interesting outdoor activities you can do for a healthy lifestyle this summer. The importance of outdoor exercise cannot be underestimated. Many studies have shown that getting out into the fresh air is vital for our entire well-being, especially for children who thrive when they have access to regular outdoor play. Forest schools are becoming increasingly popular in the UK for this reason as many educators believe children learn more effectively in an outdoor environment and benefit from increased exposure to Vitamin D and higher levels of exercise.

In the capital, it can be hard to think of interesting outdoor activities that all the family can enjoy. Here are five ideas that will hopefully inspire you all to get active this summer.

1. Go on a London Walk

You probably don’t take too much notice of how much green spaces there are in London, but there are plenty of walks to keep you occupied when the good weather hits, and you and the family want to get outdoors and make the most of the sunshine. There are many beautiful parks in London from Hyde Park to the wilds of Epping Forest – it really is possible to experience being in a green space even in the middle of the city. The health benefits of going for a walk in a park or a wood cannot be underestimated. Walking through woodland in dappled sunlight can boost your immunity and mood by improving your vitamin D levels and reducing blood pressure and stress. You could go for a guided walk or just take the kids for a ramble and have fun exploring. Below find a picture of Richmond park even you can take a stroll in the evening after work. Some of London’s first parks were created to provide Londoners with improved living conditions. They gained access to open space to prevent diseases from spreading in London. 30,000 people signed a petition proposed to Queen Victoria calling for an open space and that was why Victoria Park was opened in 1845.

There are so many green spaces in London from which to choose, there’s really no excuse not to get out there and get some fresh air!

2. Row the Thames

Rowing is a great form of exercise for improving upper body and core strength and improving the capacity of your heart and lungs. It also burns lots of calories for weight loss and can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Make the most of the Thames; rowing or canoeing on water is much more enjoyable than using a machine in a gym! There is a great company called Ahoy in London that lets people of all ages and abilities complete a stretch of the Thames by canoe, all in aid of raising money for their centre, which helps disadvantaged young people. Their qualified rowing instructor will guide you through, and anyone can take part. They even have specialist equipment for people with mobility problems.

3. Go Rock Climbing

London isn’t the most naturally rocky place you will come across, but there are plenty of excellent rock climbing centres in London. The Arch Climbing Wall in Bermondsey is one of the best ones, and you can even try your hand at upside down climbing. They have walls for all ages and abilities, so the whole family can join in. Climbing uses lots of muscle groups, both in the upper and lower body. Your back, abdominal and leg muscles all get exercised as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms not to mention you will have a great view from the top.

If you are outside of the city, find your local climbing wall. A lot of sports centres now have climbing walls, for example, Everyone Active in Basildon, Essex, which not only has a climbing wall but a climbing club also. Why not try lead climbing at the Castle Climbing Centre? Lead climbing involves clipping yourself every time you move upwards, rather than being tethered to the top of the wall. If you can’t find a climbing centre you can always organise a mountain hike it’s worth getting some good walking shoes for this. Kids get many of the benefits from hiking these including a good nights sleep, plenty of fresh air you’ll feel healthy and gain better bone health. As well as improved cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness.

4. Yoga for all the family

There are numerous yoga classes in London but this summer, why not take the opportunity to make the most of the sunshine and book an outdoor class? Classes are available at multiple rooftop locations, including on top of a multi storey car park or even The Shard! If you practise yoga on a regular basis it has been known to help lower high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains – including lower back pain depression and stress.

You can achieve mindfulness more easily in the improved air quality and admire the views of the city below. Richmond Park, however, is a particularly appealing location for a spot of yoga – which has so many health benefits including improved flexibility, better muscle tone, weight loss, improved circulation, to name but a few. Mindful Movements offers popular yoga classes for children at several locations across London this summer. If you would like to try out yoga you can find classes all over the UK. for complete beginners, with experienced yoga teachers. With over 800 styles of yoga to choose from you’ll be sure to find a yoga style that suits your needs. You may want to try a few healthy styles out first to find one that is a good fit for you and there is also specially designed classes for children’s yoga.

5. Swimming in London

Swimming is a brilliant all-round exercise and regular swimming will boost your heart and lung capacity, improve your muscle tone and lift your spirits! London is famous for its outdoor lidos, so if the weather is hot, you would be well-advised to head off towards the Art Deco glories of either the Brockwell, Tooting Bec or Forest Fields lidos and cool off in a lovely open air swimming pool.

Did you know that swimming can boost your life expectancy? According to a study of over 80,000 people by the Swimming and Health Commission on behalf of Swim England, June 2017, ”Swimmers had a: 28% lower risk of early death and a 41% lower risk of death due to heart disease and stroke”.

Hopefully, you now have some inspirational healthy lifestyle deas if you’re planning on getting active this summer. It’s a great time of year to explore the wonderful countryside and capital you’ll be sure to find fun things to do with your family and friends this summer.

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