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Bizarre Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

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Have you ever suffered from impotence, had a spider as a pet or eaten an erection sundae! Some people invent the most bizarre solutions against erection problems. For you to try them is one thing, for them to work is a second, but they are definitely worth reading.

Erection by a spider bite

Strange but true: the poison of the world’s deadliest spider seems to work better than Viagra. Researchers found that a bite from the Brazilian wandering spider can cure the most persistent erection problems in 20 minutes. At least that was the case in lab rats who were injected with the poison. Even people who were bitten by the spider got to experience this side effect. However, the outcome was less pleasant: after four hours with a painful erection, the victims died. Scientists are trying to modify the poison so that you just have fun with it. Keep the benefits, not the burdens.

Sex pistol

We did not expect it from the English. The British, who normally are quite known for their stiff upper lip, created a real aphrodisiac ice cream in 2009. They called the delicacy “Sex Pistol” and it was packed with libido-enhancing ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, arginine and the bitter drink absinthe. The icey treat attracted a lot of publicity during its launch with a pop-up ice-cream seller. But apparently it did not become a success, because since then, unfortunately we have not heard from the Sex Pistol.

Pearls in your penis

In 2013, a new miracle drug against impotence was announced: pearls in your penis. The gas-filled beads would be injected into the penis, after which they slowly release the active ingredient nitric oxide. This substance causes the blood vessels in the penis to dilate, thus increasing the blood flow. The result: a firm erection which goes on for quite some time. However, this initiative was not viable. From what we know, pearls can only be purchased at the jewelers. And you would rather not put those in your penis.

Old grannies remedies for erection problems are nothing new under the sun. As long as the impotent man exists, he has tried to resurrect his faltering little man into a new life. Sometimes with terrifying methods! We checked the history books and found these old solutions to erectile dysfunction:

  1. Wasp sting. According to the older version of the Kama Sutra, this is the way to make your penis swell. That we do believe immediately.
  2. Roasted wolves penis. Was seen in the 13th century as an aphrodisiac snack to be eaten right before the act.
  3. Electrical belt. This torture was used in the 19th century against wimps. Ouch …

What does work?

If you want a real cure for erection problems, you will be happy to know that it does not involve spiders, wasps or weird snacks. What does work:

This will improve your blood flow, even in the penis. Thus, there is more blood flow into the erectile tissue and you get a better erection. If these tips do not help, talk to a doctor. There are medications, therapies and other tools available with which can help treat impotence.

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