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Father’s Day

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Father’s Day

Aftershave? A pack of beer? An air freshener for his Car?

There will be a lot of thoughts about what is best to purchase for your Dad this time of year because it’s almost father’s day!

Read our helpful tips for you and your siblings on how to surprise him with a gift and make him really happy.

Forget air freshener gifts, your Dad could do with a little extra fun!

For the (almost) sporty father

Does your father exercise often, or should he be? Would you consider offering him a sports related gift this fathers day? Such as giving him a sporty gadget such as a fit bit or a pedometer. The wireless Medisana ViFit Activity Tracker is recommended. The small device measures not only the distance you walk but also calculates how many steps you take, the number of calories you consume if he is weight conscious and how many hours you are active. You see at a glance how much percent you have taken off of your daily goal. In addition, the activity tracker monitors your body at night at how intense and how long you sleep. This will give you a complete overview of your activities in 24 hours. That you will find sporting father wired interesting.

For the Adventurous Dad

Does your father regularly travel on business trips? Or has he retired already and he enjoys going on holidays? A nice gift for him in his toiletry bag or suitcase is always a big hit. For example, give him a Wireless flosser. So he can take good care of his teeth on the go. A well-stocked first aid kit is always handy. Care Plus includes special kits for bicycle vacations, tropical destinations and mountain climbers. Great idea for the adventurous vacationer.

Other father’s day gift ideas in this category:
· Sunscreen. Choose a water-resistant product with high factors, such as Vision All Day. So your father’s skin is well protected, even when he goes swimming. Vision All Day products you do only once a day. Useful!
· Light therapy glasses, for example, the Goodlife Re-timer. Ideal for preventing and combating jetlags.

For the Healthy Father

As your father gets older it good for him to continuously keep monitoring his health. Nowadays, you can keep check of this at home, using all sorts of handy devices. How about a 3-in-1 cholesterol metres, or a Wireless blood pressure monitor? That saves a lot of apps control visits to the family doctor. Or how about a delicious care product of Chi Tea Tree Oil? Fathers love to pamper the skin every now and then. Still a healthy father’s day gift tip: a Wireless BMI scales. Specifies roads finally a nice char. The device measures not only the body weight but also analyses the bone mass, muscle mass, body fat percentage and other facts. With this gift will your mother also secretly pleased!

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you still finding nothing that suits your father?

Maybe you’re interested in some of these gift ideas:
· Give Dad a bag of charcoal with a gift certificate from the organic butcher. Fun for a responsible barbeque evening! Or line a culinary cooking workshop, for dads who like good cooking. In each province, you can find a cooking workshop.
· Grab an empty box of earplugs in and put a ticket for a concert where he always wanted to inside.Your father is still not at all too old to swing!
· Give your dad a special gift: a gift to the charity. Search online, if you can, You can use the site also a gift card with a personal message for your dad.

Have fun. Happy Father’s Day!

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