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Is Your Medication-Resistant To Hot Weather?

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Is Your Medication-Resistant To Hot Weather?

Glorious, what beautiful weather. However, the persistent heat also has its disadvantages. For example, it’s hard for drug users. The heat can, in combination with certain medicines, cause additional health problems. In addition, some drugs are not resistant to high temperatures.

Medication and sweat production

Certain medicines, such as Parkinson’s disease, have reduced sweat production as side effects. If the temperature rises high, this can have annoying consequences. The body produces sweat to lose heat. If sweating is not possible, there is a chance that the body will overheat, causing you to become unwell. How does your medication reduce sweat production? Then, keep the warm in the warm sunshine, drink sufficiently and take care of cooling in the form of an air conditioner or fan.

Sugar patients: Beware of the high temperatures

Warm days can also be difficult for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes. Insulin works faster when it’s hot. This can cause a dip in the blood sugar, a so-called heat hypo. Therefore, keep your blood sugar in mind on hot days.

Plastic tablets? Prevent drying out!

Of course, everyone has to drink more when it’s hot. But for patients who use plastic tablets, it is important to get enough fluid and become dehydrated. The plastic tablets release a lot of moisture through the urine. If this moisture is not replenished, there is not enough left to sweat. So regularly refuel, to prevent you from losing heat or drying out.

Problems and the heat

Also for people suffering from intestinal problems, a lot of drinking is absolutely necessary. With diarrhoea, the body loses a lot of moisture and salts through the stool. It’s important to drink enough water. People who suffer from constipation often swallow a laxative or extra fibre. These agents attract a lot of moisture. If there is insufficient moisture available because you have a lot of perspiration, it causes constipation.

Keep your medication cool

Pills, ointments and eye drops are not got in tropical temperatures. They melt or can become spoiled. Also, some other medicines, such as insulin, should not get too hot. Keep your medicine cool. Some medicines can be stored in the refrigerator, for other medicines a dark kitchen tray or basement box is sufficient. In the user manual, read more about this. If you are travelling, make sure you bring a cool box or cooler in which your medication stays at the right temperature.

Drink: How much and what?

Are you drinking enough water? On the hotter days, it is important to keep hydrated and make sure to keep drinking water on warm days 2 litres of moisture. Keep drinking water throughout the day. Drink preferably water, sugar-free soft drinks, tea without sugar or milk. A cup of broth replenishes the lost salts in your body.

Not much of drinker? Try to get more moisture in the form of custard, yoghurt, fruit juices or soup. Also with a nice icelolly!

Do you have questions about medication and the heat? Then consult a doctor or pharmacist.

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