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Tips for waking up

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5 tips to wake up fresh and energetic

Do you sometimes feel tired when you wake up? You’re not the only one! Many people struggle to get going in the morning and have trouble getting out of bed. This might be due to poor quality sleep or snoring, which can lead to a lack of oxygen, Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do. With these tips, you’re gonna be fresh as a daisy in the mornings!

1. Go to bed on time

Yes, it may seem obvious, but healthy sleep starts with a healthy sleep pattern. Are you staring at the ceiling for hours? Try to go to bed earlier in 10-15 mins increments for a couple of weeks so your sleep clock adjusts to the change. You will fall asleep a lot faster if you avoid eating a heavy meal before bed. In the evening, avoid alcoholic drinks and turn off all illuminated devices (iPad, smartphone, television, e-reader, computer) a couple of hours before bedtime. The blue light messes with your biological clock and can prevent you drifting away to the land of Nod.

2. Provide oxygen

Your brain needs plenty of oxygen to be energetic and running at full capacity. So a stuffy, stuffy bedroom is not ideal. Sleep with the window open to air your bedroom. In the morning, put your head outside and take some deep breaths. This is a great way to refuel oxygen. Too cold outside? A few lukewarm breaths of air when the window is open also works.

3. Let light in

Your brain releases the wake-up signal under the influence of daylight. The darker your room, the longer your body stays in sleep mode. Leave your curtains slightly ajar to let some light in. You will find that you are less tired and more awake. A wake-up light is a good solution in the dark winter mornings. This lamp is set to light gradually shines ever brighter, so you wake up naturally. You can always consider light therapy.

4. Avoid Procrastination

“Five more minutes …” Stop lazing around in bed and avoiding getting up. By postponing the moment, you will just feel more reluctant and weary. Move the alarm clock so you can no longer use the snooze button and get up straight away. In fact, try and spring out of bed! Do this and you’ll soon notice an improvement as old habits wear out. Stick to this new routine for a couple of weeks and it will soon become automatic.

5. Check whether you snore

Snoring and sleep apnoea (the temporary interruption of breathing during sleep) can cause you to wake up in the night. Due to the subsequent poor sleep quality, you can also suffer from fatigue and problems with concentration during the daytime. If you are a frequent snorer, losing weight might help. Try and sleep on your side, or use an anti-snoring brace or spray. However, if these do not work or if you definitely have sleep apnoea, then you should consult your GP who may refer you to a sleep clinic where they will conduct further research.

A good night’s sleep is important to wake up energized and get the day off to a good start.

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