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Water Do You Drink Enough?

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Water Do You Drink Enough?

Drinking water is healthy for you. In fact, without water, we could die! But why can’t we survive without water, and how much do you need a day? We will explain why water is so important and why you should drink more of it. Not a fan of drinking water? No worries. With our tips, you will effortlessly find your daily recommended amount of H2O.

With our tips, you will effortlessly find your daily recommended amount of H2O.

What you drink

The human body consists of about 75% of water. Of all these litres you lose a lot of weight every day, for example by sweating, breathing out and peeing. It is important to replenish the lost moisture. Your body needs water, among other things, to drain waste, absorb nutrients and regulate body temperature. Many people think that you only have to drink something if you have thirst. That is a misunderstanding. Being thirsty is actually an emergency warning signal from the body to indicate that the water level has fallen far too much.

Consequences of Water retention

If you’re not drinking enough you will slowly develop Water retention. This can cause some complaints, such as headaches, fatigue, constipation and muscle cramps, bad breath. Because your body is less hydrated you’ll become more susceptible to urinary tract infections. If you drink too little, you can risk getting dehydration, which has far more serious consequences. The fastest way to check if your drinking enough? Check your urine! If your puddle is yellow, dark yellow or darker in color, you have not received enough moisture. Urine should in principle be almost colorless.

Drink 2 litres per day

Most health authorities recommend drinking at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day. Especially for older people and on hot days this is important. Water does not contain any calories, dyes or other active ingredients. Therefore, this drink is absolutely preferable when it comes to your health. You can drink good water from the tap in parts of the UK or if you prefer mineral or spring water, that can, of course, be true too. Keep in mind, however, that you are more expensive. In addition, the plastic bottles are bad for the environment.

Drinking tips

Are not you just a water drinker? Or do you always forget to drink? The following tips help you to get enough moisture:

You can also eat water! Soup, juicy fruit and cucumber contain a lot of moisture.
Slimline milk is a good alternative to water if you are thirsty. For example, make a skinny latte macchiato with warm, whipped skim milk and some coffee. So you will soon get a quarter of (mainly) water.
Put a can or bottle of water on your desk. This way you can always replenish your glass without standing up. In addition, you’ll see how much you’re already drinking.
Download a water app. For both iPhone and Android systems, there are nice water apps that help you create your own drinking plan.
Drink tasty!

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