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Dr. I. Malik test

Name: Dr. I. Malik
Title: MD General practitioner
Specialism: General medicine
RMC-number: 418956
Education: GKT School of Medicine in London


Healthcare is not just about treating illnesses, it’s about promoting wellness, restoring hope, and transforming lives.

Dr. I. Malik
MD General practitioner / general medicine


This is doctor Imran Malik. He is an MD General Practitioner and specialised in General medicine. He is a community-based medical doctor who provides primary healthcare services to patients of all ages.


In 2000, he obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (basic training) from the GKT School of Medicine in London (now the King’s College London School of Medicine). In 2005, he completed his general practitioner training and joined the Royal College of General Practitioners.


Dr I. Malik has worked for a number of years as an emergency department and trauma doctor. He also worked in the internal medicine department during his general medicine training. He currently works as a freelance general practitioner.


Dr I. Malik specialised as a general practitioner. He is particularly interested in helping men with erectile dysfunction and treating hair loss.


To the question why Dr C. Avram works with Dokteronline he said:

"Dokteronline is a caring and compassionate organisation that helps deliver healthcare to people that often would find it difficult to access medical health and also offers convenience to those that benefit from remote consultations. It encourages dialogue and communication through the platform and the patient journey does not end when they receive their treatment but we are able to follow up with them to make sure that we are hand to answer any follow-up questions.
The overwhelming feedback we receive is that patients are happy and grateful for the service."

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