Co-Codamol Without a Prescription

Co-Codamol is a powerful painkiller that contains paracetamol and codeine. It is used to treat pain from a wide range of sources, including the flu or other illnesses, menstrual pain, rheumatic pain and migraine headaches. The codeine in Co-Codamol is also a good remedy for persistent tickly coughs. You need a prescription to buy this medicine, even if you buy it online. At dokteronline, you can buy Co-Codamol without a prescription from your GP. This does not mean we send out prescription medication just like that – your medicine is prescribed by one of our affiliated doctors, after an online consultation.

What is an online consultation?

Before a doctor can determine whether or not you can take Co-Codamol safely, it is necessary to evaluate your health and medical history. To do so, your GP will ask questions about your weight, smoking habits and use of medicines. An online consultation works in the same way. The only difference is that you answer the questions via an online questionnaire, which is available on our website. One of the doctors affiliated with Dokteronline will go through the questionnaire and issue a prescription if he feels this is appropriate.

Tips for the online consultation

Ordering Co-Codamol from dokteronline is easy and convenient: you don’t have to take time off to see your GP and sit in the waiting room for extended periods of time. Instead, you complete a medical questionnaire from the comfort of your home whenever it suits you. The doctor comes to a decision based on the information provided by you. You should therefore make sure that you answer the questions as fully and truthfully as possible. Only then can the doctor assess your situation accurately. We have listed a few tips for filling in the medical questionnaire below:

  • Take your time. If you fill in the questionnaire in a hurry you might overlook important details;
  • Make a list of the medicines you are currently taking before you fill in the questionnaire. If necessary, look in the medicine cabinet, kitchen or other places where you keep your medicines, vitamins or any nutritional supplements;
  • Never guess the answer. If you do not know the answer, find out (e.g. get on a scale or ask someone to take your measurements). The more accurate your information, the better informed – and safer – the doctor’s decisions will be;
  • Never lie about your medical history or condition. If you are prescribed a medicine based on the wrong information, this can be dangerous to your health!

Ordering Co-Codamol safely without a prescription

If you want to order Co-Codamol without a prescription from your GP, then dokteronline is your partner. Dokteronline has provided valued intermediary services between doctors, pharmacies and customers for more than 10 years, offering a wide range of medicines and products at attractive prices without compromising on care and quality. All of the doctors affiliated with Dokteronline are certified and highly experienced in their field. Our partner pharmacies only dispense original and approved medications. And you do not have to worry about payment either: we provide a safe and secure environment to pay for your order through one of our secure payment options. Would you like to learn more about ordering Co-Codamol without a prescription? Then visit our order process page.

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