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Why do people actually smoke?
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Why do people actually smoke?

Six main reasons for smoking addiction in a row:

1. Group pressure

Smokers often begin with this habit in their puberty. In that age, the urge to be heard is enormous. Stick your friends, classmates or sportsmen to a cigarette, then you have to be very strong in your shoes if you do not want to join. Often the fear is also seen as ‘watje’ who does not dare to try new things. Group pressure, referred to as “peer pressure” in English, is one of the main reasons to start smoking.

2. Social reward

Now that anti-smoking policy is steadily tightened, smokers form a separate club. They are literally separated from the rest and have to peck out outside or in a special space. Smokers see each other as comrades and fellow daughters. Who appeals to a foreign smoker with the phrase “Do you have a fire for me” can count on a look of understanding. This is called social reward: you are accepted into a special group who deliberately or unconsciously feels good.

3. Risk behavior

Smoking is risky behavior. Especially for young people this is a reason for starting cigarettes. This group has often had a lot of parental authority, (in their eyes) patronizing government opinions and boring school rules. Smoking is their way of taking care of the authorities. The fact that smoking is ‘forbidden’ and that it is labeled as dangerous makes it an extra exciting habit.

4. As a remedy

Many people use a cigarette as a kind of medicine. For example, to recover, to reduce the bloated feeling after eating or to concentrate better. In addition, smoking gives you something to do, you literally have something about hands. It also helps to get bored.

5. See smoking is also smoking

Smoking the parents, then there is a greater chance that their child will also smoke. Several studies have proved that. That chance is also increased when dad and mother have stopped smoking now, or do not allow children from home that smoking is unacceptable. For example, if the parents are allowed to smoke their visite without a tin or blush.

6. Genetically determined

Some people are more sensitive to addiction to nicotine than others. The cause lies in the genes that play a role in the transmission of signals in the brain. If you inherited a certain variant of those genes, you can tend to add tobacco to addiction, but also to alcohol or drugs.

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