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    Dr. O.R. Avram

    Name: Dr. O.R. Avram
    Position: MD General practitioner
    Registration number (Romanian Medical Council, RMC): 2791501228
    Speciality: Physical and rehabilitative medicine

    My name is Dr. Oana-Raluca Avram and I'm specialised in muscle and tendon disorders.

    I obtained my Master's degree from the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara, Romania in 2005. I started working as a primary care doctor in 2007. Alongside my work, I taught a course in medical genetics and rehabilitation sciences for the Health Sciences programme at the university where I graduated in 2005. After this, I took up a post as a senior doctor at Timisoara County Hospital to specialise further in physical and rehabilitative medicine.

    I’m a medical doctor who loves her work and loves life. I always put my patients’ needs first in everything I do. Being healthy is the greatest treasure there is in life. My mission is to help patients become healthy and stay healthy.

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