Allergies are a harmful reactions from the body caused by an outside substances. These reactions may cause sever discomfort.
The substance (allergen) can come from a variety of things: most commonly pollen the cause of hay fever, or animal hair and household dust mites. After repeated contact with these agents, the body can react with a strong allergic reaction due to excessive histamine excretion such as a swollen and wet nose, red tearing eyes, headache and tiredness. Sometimes the skin can get red and itchy or one can feel tight in the chest.
People with allergy sensitivities can show a strong reaction to cigarette smoke or air-conditioned air with symptoms as coughing, flow from the nose, and difficulty breathing.
Other people suffer from a strong allergic reaction to some specific food ingredients such as, peanuts, sesame seeds, and kiwi. Sometimes medications like penicillin can cause severe reactions. After contact with these products your body can even go into shock.

Treatment starts with avoiding contact with the products that have caused an allergic reaction.
If you know what causes your allergy remove it from your surroundings, if possible.
Get rid of dusty carpets and pillows that contain dust mites. Don't eat nuts or other ingredients in food or sweets that you are allergic to.
It is very important to tell your doctor if you have ever experienced any allergy for certain drugs.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid contact with the allergic agent like pollen in the spring time, so an anti allergic medication may be needed to help reduce allergy irritations.

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