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Average Penis Length
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Average Penis Length

How important is penis length?

Nothing is as sensitive a subject to a man as the size of his penis. For men around the world, the size of their penis is naturally something they attach great importance to.What is the average penile length?Which is the ideal length?What do women actually think of this subject?

Read on and learn more about penis size, how measuring is knowing, what you should do if you’re worried that your penis is too small.

Measuring is knowing

Much research has been done over the course of time on the average dimensions of the penis. In one of those studies, the estimated average penile length was compared to the ideal penile length. Either way: how big do you think the average penis is and what is the ideal penis length for you? What turned out: both men and women overestimate the average length of a stiff penis. The respondents thought it would be around 13.8 cm, while the average penis measured 13.12 cm in an excited state.


What is the ideal Penis length?

When it comes to the ideal length, the difference between men and women is greater: according to the man, a penis of 16.6 cm would be perfect. Women are very satisfied with a penile length of 15.8 cm. These figures are a global average. The survey has been conducted among participants in different countries. Looking at the answers per country, there seems to be quite a difference in the estimated and ideal penis length. For example, Poland has the highest estimation: according to them, a stiff penis is an average length of 15.7 cm. Their dreamed version measures no less than 17.3 cm. A big difference with, for example, the British, who think that a penis is 12.4 cm long and would prefer to see it 14.2 cm long.

Is a man’s length important?

Many men are worried about what their partner thinks from their intimate parts. This aspect has also been investigated. Good news for the gentlemen: most women are not really worried about it. About 67% of the respondents find the size of the penis only “a bit important”. Over 21% think it does not even play a role at all. Only 11% was very busy about the size of the family jewels. Women find things such as intimacy and well-behaved appearance apparently more important when it comes to sex, concludes Professor Kevan Wylie (Sexual Medicine, University of Sheffield), who in another research has already shown that 45% of men are dissatisfied with the format of their penis.

Does having a bigger penis mean better sex?

The size of the penis definitely affects the quality of sex. The larger the penis, the more pressure it exerts on the vagina’s walls and the more stimuli are experienced. However, it appears that a penis as of 10 centimetres long can already provide sufficient enjoyment. Most men achieve this easily. Thus, a smaller penis does not automatically mean less good sex. Also in fertilisation, the slightly smaller men have little reason for concern: a 5-centimeter penis can already bring the sperm into the vagina far enough to create a pregnancy.

Who has the biggest?

Of course, it is also interesting to check out our neighbours. Which nationality has the biggest penis? Look and compare:

  • The men from West African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, etc.) were the largest: 16.1 to 17.9 centimetres.
  • Australia, some European countries, Mexico and South Africa are in a second place. Here the measuring bar indicates 14.7 to 16.1 centimetres.
  • In North America, the rest of Europe and North Africa, men should do with a penis of about 12.9 to 14.7 centimetres.
  • Russian and Brazilian men are stuck at 10.5 to 12.9 centimetres.
  • The more you go to the east, the smaller the penises appear to be: an erection in Asia takes up 9.3 to 10.5 centimetres.

Do you consider the size of the penis important?

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