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The mini-pill is a contraceptive pill which, unlike the combination birth control pill, contains one hormone – progestogen – and no oestrogen. Compared to combination pills, it contains a lower concentration of hormones.

It is very important that you take the mini-pill within an hour of the same time each day. Mini-pill contraception does not have a pill-free week, which means it is taken every day without a break. When taken carefully, mini-pill contraception is just as effective as the combination birth control pill.

What increases the reliability of the mini-pill is that it thickens cervical mucus, vaginal secretion, preventing sperm from reaching the egg.

Mini-pills such as Cerazette and Cerelle have a number of advantages. They contain fewer hormones than combination birth control pills, and can be used by women who cannot take oestrogen for medical reasons. Mini-pill contraception can be used by breastfeeding women, because it does not contain oestrogen that can be passed on via breast milk. Women can start taking mini-pill contraception as soon as six weeks after giving birth. Another advantage is that there is little to no increased risk of blood clots (thrombosis) from the mini-pill.

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