My hair was suddenly thinning!

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I always thought that worrying about how your hair was something that only women did and that men weren’t anything like as concerned about hairstyles. Well, not anymore. These days, I know now that many men are also worried about the appearance of their hair. In fact, last year, I had to cope with hair loss. And no, I wasn’t an elderly man, but a young man of only 20. I couldn’t believe that I was starting to become bald!

Hair loss at a young age

I can still remember the time the subject first came up. My then girlfriend and I were watching a movie on the sofa and I was lying with my head on her knees. “Hey, you’ve got a bald spot on top of your head,” she said. I laughed it off and said it was probably my crown. But a while later I noticed that more and more hair was left in my brush. Also, there seemed to be greater inroads in the hairline on my forehead. I was shocked: hair loss at such a young age, how could that happen? From that day I began to monitor the situation. I examined my scalp each day in the mirror. To my horror, the bare spot on my crown was becoming larger and larger. Was I really becoming bald?

Disguising the bald patch

I had no idea why I became bald, and, frankly, I felt ashamed of it. My father was pretty bald, but he was in his fifties so this wasn’t unexpected. As far as I was aware, hair loss in your early twenties was not normal. I tried to hide things, hoping it was temporary and that my hair would grow back. I combed my hair as well and started wearing hats. If my girlfriend was there, I made sure she could not see the top of my skull. Fortunately, I’m a lot taller, so that was not a problem. In addition, I washed my hair as little as possible as I thought I might be allergic to shampoo. However, this left my hair greasy and smelly and, unfortunately, still pretty sparse.


In the end, I was helped by my trusted hairdresser who had cut my hair for years. I asked her if she could cut it so that the bald spots could be as small as possible. She asked if I used any medication for the alopecia. I had never heard of the word and asked what it meant. “‘Androgenetic alopecia’, male baldness”, she said. “It’s more common than you think. And it is best to do something. You really don’t really have to be ashamed.” She explained that the hairs were falling out because the hair follicles were hyper sensitive to testosterone, and that there were medicines that could reduce this hypersensitivity. “But we can also look at it another way”, she then said, brandishing a pair of clippers. “I think a bald head is very sexy.”

Hereditary baldness

When I came home with my crew-cut, I went straight online and started searching the internet to find out more information about alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is hereditary, so my dad lost his hair too early, even though I started at a much younger age. I found out about the latest treatments for male baldness: medicines that reduce the effect of testosterone, hair growth agents, hair transplants, and certain shampoos that stimulate hair growth. I have considered all options, but my hairdresser’s solution was the best for me. Baldness is definitely sexy, but if I ever change my mind, I know that there are plenty of options.

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