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Addiction: A chronic disease?

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Types of Chronic disease

Many people occasionally use alcohol or drugs, but not everyone gets addicted to it. It’s only when you over use it becomes an addiction if you are mentally and or physically dependent on the stimulant. An addiction is increasingly been seen as a chronic disease.

When are you addicted?

If you repeatedly use something more than you intended if you can stop using it or spend most of the day in thought. If you are mentally dependent on a particular stimulant, you will continue your desire for the drug and you will not feel comfortable without it. For example, if you have a cigarette smoke or have a glass of wine, you will feel comfortable again. If you are physically dependent on a stimulant, you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the medicine. For example, you will be vibrating, getting sick or sleeping badly and develop sleeping problems.


Fortunately, you’re not just addicted. Whether you develop this depends on several factors:

1.The beneficial agent’s properties and the way you use it

2.Your properties and your sensitivity

3.Your environment

Common addictions

You’re sure to be addicted to alcohol, smoking and drugs. Less well known is that you may be addicted to an activity such as gambling, the internet, gaming or sex.


With a smoking addiction, you became dependent on smoking nicotine, a substance in tobacco. Nicotine provides a pleasant feeling that the brain receives as a signal. Your brain wants to experience this feeling again, giving you a need for a new cigarette. This allows regular smokers to easily get addiction. If you stop smoking your body will ask for nicotine, which causes withdrawal symptoms.


Also, an alcohol addiction is common. That is quite normal in our culture, many social occasions are drunk alcohol and also at home when eating or an evening in front of the tv is regularly drunk a glass of wine or beer. Not everyone who drinks alcohol is addicted.

You probably have an alcohol addiction if you:
· More than 14 (female) or 21 (man) glasses of alcohol per week drink;
· Drink for the wrong reasons, such as tension, sadness or anxiety;
· Drink at inappropriate moments, such as in the morning before work or if you need driving;
· Alcohol is more important than anything else in the world.
People with an alcohol addiction often function less well. Both at home and at work. They get problems with health, feel lonely, not appointments come after and regularly have financial problems.


A drug addiction is a broad concept; After all, there are many kinds of drugs, each with its own characteristics. Drugs affect the brain. There are drugs with a stimulating effect (cocaine and amphetamine), drugs with a narcotic (heroin) and drugs that change the consciousness (magic mushrooms and hash). In addition, there are resources with multiple effects, such as ecstasy. This is a stimulant but also changes the perception. Recreational drugs are regularly used. That is not a problem. Do you do it too often, then you run the risk of developing a drug addiction. It should be noted that one resource is more addictive than the other.


The last time comes is the most common type of addiction. An internet addiction is now the most common addiction among young people. Children grow from childhood on with the internet. Everyone uses it. Not only for entertainment, but also for educational purposes, for example at school. The Internet is part of everyday life. An addiction is therefore often difficult to recognise.

The alarm bells ring (should) if someone:
· Want to be on line all the time
· Less offline activities
· Worse performance at school or work
· A depression developed
· Isolating yourself

The biggest danger of an internet addiction is that someone in social isolation and themselves neglected. Just like a drug addiction is also an internet addiction is a broad term. This includes, for example, a game addiction, chat addiction, social media addiction and pornography addiction.

Get an addiction

If you have an addiction you’ll know that it is not easy to recover from. Trying to quit can often result in a quick relapse. By seeking professional help, the chances are much higher that your addiction for good of you, so that you can pick up your life again and again to enjoy the things that disappeared into the background by the addiction.

Treatment can take place in a clinic, but also from the home situation via (Group-) conversations with a practitioner. Even online pathways are possible. The best treatment is, depends on the person, the kind of addiction and the severity of the addiction. Usually, you determine together with the practitioner what kind of help for you and the greatest chance of success.


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