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Are Diet Shakes Healthy?

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Meal, shake it off

Losing weight is not easy, so from time to time we turn to a quick way to lose some pounds: with meal shakes. They sound super attractive and fit perfectly within the image of our hectic society. Fast and simple seem to be the key words of our time. And commercialism plays it well with shake diets. But how healthy are meal shakes and can you really lose weight with them?

Turbo fast slim

They are to be found in abundance: meal replacement shakes and bars that replace your normal diet to shed pounds quickly. According to several providers, a meal replacement is an effective weight loss method. I scratch myself behind the ears and remember that of course this makes sense. If you hardly ingest anything, you will undoubtedly lose weight, right?

Let us use our brains about this particular phenomenon. Because it is quite peculiar: starving yourself for a few days to fit easily into your pants, trying to ignore all the foods being tossed at you. How bizarre is that? A quick way to lose weight fits in our fast-paced lifestyle, where everything must go quickly and effortlessly. Is life really so malleable? My conscience pulls up a critical eyebrow and despairs over what is wrong here.

Healthy or not?

There are several disadvantages to a shake diet meal. Although you will most likely lose weight, this is for a short time. When you pick up your normal eating habits, you will gain the weight back. A shake diet is not a solution for the long term. What makes the diet difficult is that you miss the social aspect of eating. A shake is absorbed quickly, there is no need to sit cozily at the table. Moreover, chewing is a natural part of eating. Chewing is an important function for the digestion of food, but also for your mind and the muscles in your jaw. Apart from these trivial facts, shakes are not wholefoods. Most meal replacement shake programs contain mostly protein, but your body also needs carbohydrates and fats. There are also a number of nutrients added to the shakes. That sounds positive, but if you take a careful look at the ingredients list, you will notice some nasty ingredients such as corn syrup, aspartame and skimmed milk powder. Three nutrients that you should avoid in a healthy, balanced weight loss diet. You definitely cannot call these meal bars, soups and shakes healthy. And neither can this weight loss method be considered as a healthy one.

What does work

Diets are no longer in. Because, although we all want to look beautiful and slim, we want to maintain our health. Right? Therefore, especially for you, the two best pieces of advice you will ever get in the area of weight loss are:

  1. Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar really is the devil for your body, it confuses your metabolism and hormones which causes weight gain.
  2. Forget diets and find a manageable lifestyle and diet that suit you. Choose a healthy diet with lots of raw products, exercise, avoid stress and think happy thoughts .

If you really still want to lose some weight through dieting on a short term, use the three following tips to be able to keep up with your diet:

  1. Do not change your diet drastically, you will not be able to keep it up. Choose to make small changes to your diet such as quitting snacks and white sugars.
  2. Be realistic. You cannot lose a lot of pounds quickly in a healthy manner. Readjust your expectations and requirements. Slowly but surely is the best way to lose weight. This will help you stay on weight.
  3. Seek support from others who want to change their diet or want to lose some weight too. Together we are stronger!
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