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Are You Eating the Right Breakfast?

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The smell of croissants coming from the oven and fresh coffee drifts towards you as you step out of bed. The first meal of the day does a lot to you: it’s a positive boost for your mood and an energy booster for your body. How do you prepare a tasty and healthy breakfast for a perfect start to your day?

Mix it up breakfast!

A brilliant start to your day begins with a satiating breakfast. By eating breakfast you start up your digestion; your internal engine starts running again and energy begins to flow. When you wake up, your body’s first need is moisture. Yes I know, for some of us every fibre in his or her body craves a dose of coffee, but that’s not so good for your empty stomach. A glass of lukewarm water (with a slice of lemon) or tea is a good start and it starts up your bowel movement. Ideally, you should get the following out of your breakfast: energy (good sugars), satiety (proteins) and fibres (from fruits and vegetables and to a lesser extent cereals for a healthy intestinal flora and bowel movement). Although you better separate proteins and carbohydrates for a lighter digestion.

What you want to avoid during your breakfast are white sugars because they are really bad for you. Sugars can be found amongst other things in jam, coconut bread, apple syrup and sprinkles. Therefore, choose an alternative spread without (added) sugars. Mix it up with nut-pastes, fruit, maple syrup, butter, cinnamon or grated coconut. If you eat bread on a daily basis, try to alternate with other grains (such as buckwheat or amaranth) or gluten-free food. Bread can be replaced by sweet potato, breakfast muffins, banana bread and omelette with vegetables or spelled pancakes.


Then comes the key question: do you smear your bread with butter or margarine? Margarine, spreads and similar cooking products contain hydrogenated fats (trans fats). These bad fats have a negative effect on your health because they encapsulate your cells and increase your cholesterol level. Also, these products contain additives to improve the flavour and colour. Butter is a natural product that is rich in omega- 3 fats (good fats). Therefore, choose organic butter as a topping. Butter does contain saturated fat, so do consume it in moderation.

Children’s breakfast

Especially for children, breakfast is an important moment of the day. Not only because the little crooks need good resources and energy, but also because children need structure and routine. Breakfast is also the perfect time of day to “teach” children about good food choices. And that does not have to be difficult! You already do so by taking time for breakfast in the morning (prepare the breakfast table in the evening, this saves time in the morning) and putting good food on the table for your child to choose from. You can also create a healthy lunch together.

But what do you give them? Besides the traditional breakfast of bread with toppings, you can vary almost endlessly. My advice is to be especially creative with vegetables because these contain most fibres, vitamins and nutrients. Did you know that raw food is made for 40 to 60% out of fibers? You could give your little one a choice of snack tomatoes, sliced cucumber, peppers , avocado and scraped carrots.

Recipe sweet porridge
Ingredients: 120 grams of organic oats, almond milk, banana, cinnamon, pear and a handful of nuts.

Put the oats in a saucepan and cover with almond milk so that all flakes are moist. Reduce heat to a low heat and stir in the mashed banana through it (it becomes a firm and sweet paste). Put the oatmeal into a bowl when it is hot, sprinkle cinnamon over it. Cut the pear into cubes and put them together with a handful of nuts as a topping on the oatmeal. And voilà, a super healthy and fresh breakfast!

Super smooth breakfast

Is it difficult for you to eat in the mornings or are you always in a hurry? Then try a smoothie. Those are quick and easy to make whilst giving you a good dose of fibre and energy to start your day. Try these ingredients by mixing them in your blender.

Summer smoothie Morning booster Hangover smoothie
Handful of blackcurrant Avocado Avocado
Handful of strawberries Banana spinach (good handful)
Appel Almond/oat milk Handful of almonds
Clove of fresh ginger Tablespoon hemp powder Cottage cheese ( 2 tbsp )
Teaspoon cinnamon Cottage cheese Teaspoon sambal or pepper
Cucumber (quarter )

Nutrition pyramid (L. Witteman and M. Bakker – van Dam)
Power Food (R. Kroes)

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