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How important is penis size?

Nothing is as sensitive a subject for men as penis size. Around the world, the size of a man’s penis is naturally something they attach great importance to. What is the average penis size? What is the ideal length? And what do women actually think about this subject?

Read on and find out more about penis size, how measuring is knowing and what you should do if you are worried that your penis size is inadequate.

Measuring is knowing

Much research has been done over the course of time on average penis size, with one study even comparing the estimated average penis size with the ideal penis size. So how big do you think the average penis is and what is the ideal penis size for you?

It turns out that both men and women overestimate average penis size when erect. Respondents thought that it would be around 13.8 cm, but it turns out that when measured, the average penis size is 13.12 cm in its aroused state.

What is the ideal penis size?

When it comes to the ideal length, the difference between men’s and women’s opinions is greater. For men, a penis size of 16.6 cm would be perfect, while women on the other hand say that they would be very satisfied with a penis length of 15.8 cm.

These figures are a global average, with a survey conducted among participants in different countries around the world. Looking at the answers for each country, there seems to be quite a difference in estimated and ideal penis size. For example, Poland has the highest estimation: according to them, the average penis size is 15.7 cm, while their ideal measures no less than 17.3 cm. That is quite a difference from the British, for example, who think that a penis is 12.4 cm long and would prefer to see it measuring 14.2 cm.

Is a man’s length important?

Many men are concerned about what their partner thinks about their intimate parts and worried that they have a small penis size. This aspect has also been investigated and there is some good news for the gentlemen – most women are not really concerned about it. About 67% of respondents found penis size to be only “a bit important”, while over 21% think that it does not even play a role at all, with just 11% concerned about the size of the appendage.

According to Professor Kevan Wylie (from the Sexual Medicine department of the University of Sheffield), women find intimacy and a well-groomed appearance to be more important when it comes to sex. This should come as a relief for men, as in another study, Professor Wylie found that 45% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis.

Does having a bigger penis mean better sex?

The size of the penis definitely affects the quality of sex. The larger the penis, the more pressure it exerts on the vagina’s walls and the more stimuli are experienced. However, it appears that a penis 10 centimetres in length can already provide sufficient enjoyment, which will be good news for most men. A smaller penis therefore does not automatically mean less enjoyable sex. Also in fertilisation, the slightly smaller men have little reason for concern as a five-centimetre penis can already send sperm into the vagina far enough to create a pregnancy.

World average penis size: where do you find the biggest?

Of course, it is also interesting to check out how the neighbours measure up. By way of comparison, men from West African countries (such as Ghana and Nigeria) were the largest with an average penis size of 16.1 to 17.9 centimetres. Next up came Australia, certain European countries, Mexico and South Africa with average penis size between 14.7 to 16.1 centimetres. In North America, the rest of Europe and North Africa, the average ranges from 12.9 to 14.7 centimetres, while Russian and Brazilian men are somewhere between 10.5 to 12.9 centimetres. The further east you go, the smaller the average penis size, with an erection in Asia measuring in at between 9.3 and 10.5 centimetres.

Is penis size important to you?


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