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Chocolate, Good news for chocoholics

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Good news for Chocoholics

Chocolate is such a divine treat also contains healing ingredients. Research has shown that a cocoa drink helps heal a cough better than regular cough drinks. Throat expert Professor Alyn Morris is convinced that cocoa has a calming influence on the end of the nerve in the throat. As a consequence, the coughing will disappear faster than by taking codeine for example. It is important that the cocoa stays ‘stick’ for as long as possible in the throat cavity. That’s why a cocoa syrup works better than a cup of hot chocolate milk. But of course, we do not mind that.

Chocolate is good for you

Scientists from the Italian University of L’Aquila recently published in the Frontiers in Nutrition Journal suggests that consuming cocoa regularly can improve your long-term memory. True chocolate lovers have long known that cocoa is a good medicine. You’re glad about it, it gives you energy and it does miracles with PMS, love distress and other misery. But did you know that chocolate has many more benefits when it comes to your health? Cacao also appears to have a good influence on heart and blood vessels. A large-scale study in the United Kingdom has shown that eating up to 100 grammes of pure chocolate a day helps reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by as much as 11%. In addition, chocolate works with cholesterol and lowering blood pressure and may even prevent cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer’s disease).


The time when the chocolate bar was only negative in the news seems to be happening forever. It is increasingly shown that cocoa is a real power food. Pure chocolate contains, among other things, fibres, iron, magnesium, copper and other minerals and trace elements. An excellent addition to your daily menu. In addition, cocoa is a source of Flavonoids: antioxidants that protect the cells in your body from damage caused by free radicals. Pure chocolate is home to the green tea, goji berries and other superfoods. If that is not a good excuse to take another piece!

Rather pure

Does this mean that you can now enjoy unlimited chocolates, chocolate fondue? Unfortunately. Chocolate also contains plenty of sugar and fat, and you just do not have to eat too much. A 100-gram chocolate bar also produces more than 500 calories and is, therefore, a proper touch on your line. Fortunately, a small amount of chocolate is also good for you. Do not load your shopping cart with nutritious cocoa products like candy bars and double chocolate muffins, but choose an unfilled bar of chocolate containing at least 80% cocoa. Extra pure chocolate gives you the most nutrients and contains less sugar and fat than milk chocolate. And keep it with a small piece. This way you can enjoy care while working on your health. Good luck!

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