Cold Hands

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Suffer from cold hands

It gets colder and people are getting more and colder hands. Not only outside, but also at the office, in the car, during sports or in bed, you can be bothered by it. Often this is an innocent ailment, which can be very annoying. How this is done and what you can do about it can be found in this article.

Insufficient blood supply

Cold hands is a common complaint, mainly in women and of course especially at low temperatures outside. Besides cold, the fingers are sometimes blue or white in color, a sign that the blood supply in the fingers is insufficient. The muscles in the blood vessels respond to the ambient temperature. At high temperatures the blood vessels dilate to allow the heat to be lost. You can also suffer from fat fingers. At lower temperatures the blood vessels narrow, in order to maintain the temperature in the core of the body. Because of this narrowing, more blood goes to the trunk, where our main organs are located. Because your fingers contain less blood, they are thinner, which is most noticeable to your rings that suddenly become looser.

Why some people are more likely to suffer from cold hands

It is not always possible to explain why one person suffers more often from cold hands than the other. It can be familial, but the hormone management can also play a role in this. For this reason women often suffer from cold hands than men. Cold hands are also a symptom of Raynaud ‘s syndrome . The small arteries contract, for example in the fingers, causing insufficient blood supply to the underlying tissues.

Avoid cold hands


You can prevent cold hands by protecting your hands well against cold and temperature changes. For example, wear gloves if you go outdoors in autumn or winter. Do you also suffer from cold hands when you are in the office, for example? Then gloves without fingertips offer a solution. So you can just do your job and you feel good in your fingertips, while your hands stay nice and warm. Choose gloves with a perfect fit so that they do not get in your way. If you use your smartphone or tablet regularly, special gloves with touchscreen fingertips are also available. Do you have cold hands at night in bed and do not manage to keep your hands under the covers in your sleep, then you can choose to wear thin gloves in bed.

What can you do about it?

With cold fingers and hands, it is important to stimulate the blood circulation. By stimulating or restoring the supply of blood, the hands will feel less cold. Move your hands and fingers, rub your hands together or warm them up on a heat source, such as your own body. Special hand warmers are also available. This contains pips that you can heat in the microwave.

In the long term, a healthy, sporty lifestyle helps to prevent cold fingers and hands. Do you suffer from cold hands while the ambient temperature is nice and warm, go to your doctor. Do this also if your symptoms worsen.


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