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Erectile problems with my husband

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Erectile problems with my husband

We went through a very difficult time. It all started when my husband couldn’t get an erection We laughed it off and we thought it was because he had a glass too many. On our next attempt it went well again so we forgot the incident. After a couple of weeks, the same thing happened again, as soon his penis was no longer stiff, no matter how excited we were he could not have a longer lasting erection.

My husband didn’t want to get help from the Doctor

My husband did not want to go to the doctor. ‘Erection problems only occur in the elderly’, he said. And since we are mid-thirties, it could not be impotence. I suggested going on relationship therapist. If it was not physical, it might be our relationship. But he did not want to hear anything about that. Meanwhile, I became terribly insecure. I was convinced that he was laughing at me. Did he not find me beautiful anymore? Or was I too fat, or did he expect me to take more initiative in bed? That just made the situation worse, and after a few months we had grown completely apart. We did not talk about sex nor talk what happened to each other. So the mood in the house (and then especially in the bedroom) became unbearable.

Unexpected solution

The solution came unexpectedly. On a birthday I was talking to a woman my age. She had recently closed a pastry shop and she told me that her that she and her husband were since very busy looking after their health. When I asked more she told me that her husband had a lot of ailments, including erectile dysfunction. They went to a therapist to discuss the erectile dysfunction who told them about the influence of their lifestyle on the couple’s health and sex life. The therapist gave them tips and they went back to having a normal sex life. When I got home that night, I immediately surfed the internet. Lifestyle and erection problems, could those two things really be related?

Lifestyle Adjusted

After a night of Googling, a world opened for me: what you eat, drink and (do) does indeed affect the penis. We like wine and good food, and while I usually cook healthy, we regularly have a fried food for a snack. We do not do sports, stress is more than enough. This does not seem to be good for your veins. They become less flexible, thus reducing blood flow to the penis. Therefore, it does not become stiff. For example, I did not know that some nutrition could help with erectile dysfunction. I let my husband read everything, and suggested that we adapt our lifestyle. Well, under one condition: if it did not go well after a couple of weeks, we would go to the GP together. He was happy to agree here.

Healthier lifestyle lead to better sex

A few months have passed now and we are doing well again. We eat healthier, running together and have even lost a few pounds. We also went to the GP once to measure our cholesterol and blood pressure. The doctor thought we were doing well, but we were pushing to return if the erection problems persisted. He could then do further research and possibly prescribe erectile drugs or discuss other possibilities, such as a vacuum pump or injection therapy. That did not seem to be necessary: in bed, it’s going to be very good, better than ever! Our sex life has improved and we are very happy about it and are now healthier.

Erectile problems a very common condition, particularly in older men. It is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it.

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