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Erection pills may prevent a Heart Attack by 33%

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Erection pills may potentially help in preventing a new heart attack

Good news for former heart patients who are considering to start using erection pills: Viagra and similar medications may possibly help to prevent another heart attack. This is the conclusion several scientists in Sweden have reached, after having conducted a trial in which they have followed more than 43,000 men who suffered their first heart attack between 2007 and 2013. 7% of this group received a prescription for erection medicine. For the vast majority of these men (92%) the erection medication prescribed was from the category phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5, such as Viagra, Cialis or Spedra. The others were given a prescription for alprostadil, an erection drug from another group. The results of the study were surprising: the group treated with an erectile drug was 40% less at risk to suffer a second heart attack than those who received no erection drugs.

A healthy sex life is good for your heart

Doctor Daniel Peter Andersson, researcher at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and leader of the research team, calls the results of the investigation remarkable. Doctors have been warning for years that erectile medication can give a higher risk of heart problems. Andersson does nuance some of the conclusions. The study project was an observational study, which has not investigated why erectile drugs seem to prevent another heart attack. The figures may also mean that an active sex life improves heart health. Indeed, Andersson assumes that if you ask for Viagra or other erection medication, this is probably a sign of a healthy sex life and thus a healthy lifestyle. This is particularly true for older men, this group is more likely to suffer from erection problems and thus ask for erection means.

Is Viagra safe to use?

According to Dr. Andersson the research points out that Viagra, Cialis and similar erection pills are safe to use after a heart attack. “From the perspective of a doctor and based on the research results, I think it is safe for a patient having suffered a heart attack to use a phosphodiesterase inhibitor as long as the patient has no contraindications.” This is a big relief for men having suffered a heart attack in the past and who do not dare to take medicine against impotence.

More research

Andersson and his colleagues present their research this month at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in Washington. But it does not stop at this project: the team is so inspired by the results of the research that they are planning to do more research. They will also include looking at the impact of socioeconomic factors on heart health. Think of factors like a relationship (married or single), education and income. There are also plans for a study into the effects of erectile medication on the heart health of men who suffer from diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Consult a doctor

Although the research is promising, it is obviously not wise to think that erection pills are one hundred percent safe. There are more factors that determine whether someone can use Viagra, Cialis or other phosphodiesterase inhibitors without objections. If you suffer from erectile problems, always consult your doctor before taking =. It could simply be that another impotence treatment is better suited.


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