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Happy Father’s Day

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What Everyone With a Father Should Know About Fatherhood

On Father’s Day, it is understandable that we think about the paternal figures in our lives and what we would do without them. As men tend to be less open to healthcare check-ups than their female counterparts, it is always advisable to encourage them to see a doctor once in a while – and Father’s Day is a good time to do it. It is now understood by medical science that the health of fathers-to-be can also have an impact on the first few weeks of a pregnancy.

After all, we inherit much of our health from our fathers and this is now known to start even before conception. Whether you are planning to start a family, have a young, middle-aged or more mature father, the team at wish you and him a happy Father’s Day and ongoing good health.

How can Fatherhood Change Men?

Young Father’s

As mentioned, factors like birth weight and brain size of a baby are related to the good health, or otherwise, of both a mother and a father prior to conception. After the birth of a baby, men will commonly undergo a change in their neural networks. Scientists used to put behavioural changes in new dads down to social and environmental alterations, usually because of a new lifestyle. In fact, the latest research points out that the brain adapts to fatherhood in a physiological way. Fathers who are engaged in giving care to the infants will experience the greatest amount of neural changes.

The old idea that women are ‘naturally’ the best people to rear children appears to be going rapidly out of fashion. Fathers, it seems, are just as capable of developing the socio-cognitive circuits in their brains to raise children, as expressed by the levels of oxytocin measured in their bodies. In turn, children who are raised in an environment with their father around are less likely to face difficulties in later life and – on average – have greater brainpower themselves.

Fathers In Middle Age

Dads who have hit middle-age can suffer from a range of healthcare issues that it is worth looking out for. Even very fit dads who exercise regularly may see increases in cholesterol, for example. Diet has just as big an impact on cholesterol levels as exercising although heart health tends to be better in men who run, swim or hike frequently regardless of their food intake.

Heart Health

Heart health is also impacted negatively by cigarettes and, for dads in middle age, there is still time to feel the health benefits when they stop smoking. Nowadays, there is plenty of advice geared around how to stop smoking that is specifically aimed at men in middle-age who have probably smoked for 20 years or so. Encourage your dad to find out more in this regard.

Fathers In Their Maturity 

For adult children who want to look after their more mature father, there are some key things to look out for. Dads who have suffered hair loss can begin to feel that their self-esteem has dropped, for example, which may have a negative impact on mental health.

Don’t ignore the negativity many mature men feel about hair loss and remember that it is not inevitable and that some things can be done about it. Older fathers may also suffer in silence when handling pain, in particular, joint stiffness. Again, encourage your dad to seek medical assistance for pain because there is no need to put up with it. Investigating pain may even help to diagnose more serious problems, such as an enlarged prostate, earlier than they otherwise would have been.

Prostate Cancer

Over a third of a million cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed across the EU in an average year, many of them sadly picked up too late.

Elderly Fathers

When a father approaches his most senior years, issues like Alzheimer’s comes to the fore. A degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s is often associated with dementia. Try to keep dementia at bay by encouraging your dad to remember things and to play simple puzzle games, like cards or crosswords. Low salt diets are recommended for elderly men because this will help to deal with the common complaint of diabetes, so often an issue in later life. The risks from diabetes can also be lessened by some form of exercise. Encourage your dad to be as active as possible and take him out once in a while to get the blood flowing. 

As men tend to be less open to healthcare check-ups than their female counterparts, it is always advisable to encourage them to see a doctor once in a while – and Father’s Day is a good time to do it.

It is a special day to acknowledge all your Father’s hard work and thank him for all the little things he does. We hope that you get all the appreciation today you truly deserve and of course get given a treat.

Wishing all Father’s a Happy Father’s Day!

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