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Health of a Nation and Wellness for 2018

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Alcohol Consumption

Of course, one of the reasons that obesity is such an issue in the UK is the level of Alcohol consumption that goes on. Drinking has long been a part of the country’s culture, but stronger and stronger booze, as well as more sugar in drinks, seems to have become a part of it with the country consuming more alcohol than in other EU countries. Understandably, this has led to expanding waistlines among many drinkers.

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Sugar-Free Trend prediction for 2018

In the 2017 Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced an increased tax on some sugary drinks, like cheap white cider. Furthermore, the Scottish government won its legal case to bring in minimum pricing on alcoholic products. Another prediction for 2018 is that many people will go sugar-free

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Keeping On Track With Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year means making resolutions and the trouble for many is that their resolve only lasts a few weeks, barely making it into February. The key to a successful resolution is to make a genuine plan that you can stick to. Targets on the way are a good idea for keeping you motivated and on track. A general wish to Lose Weight, for example, will probably end in failure. Set a goal for how much you’ll lose and by when instead. Take up exercise with a friend so that you are accountable to one another for turning up to all sessions. It helps you both to stay on the right path longer!

Although there have been plenty of ups and downs in 2017, it is fair to say that there is plenty of positive news to focus on. Healthcare may be something we shouldn’t be complacent about but neither should we run it down as entirely negative.

In 2018, just like any other year, we can be masters of our own destinies and make the healthier choices in our lifestyles, thereby helping to avoid the need for medical interventions in the first place., NHS,, Forbes, Art of Healthy Living, Lancaster University

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