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A healthy weight

A healthy weight is a hot topic in everyday life and we try to emulate this as closely as possible. To achieve a healthy weight, we should abstain from many things and make quite some effort. Unfortunately, there is no pill, potion, manual, exercise, prescription or whatever, to be effortlessly healthy. A good weight can only be achieved through healthy eating and regular exercise. It is a continuous process because once you have reached your desired weight, you have to maintain it afterwards. It is all about balance. You are less likely to develop serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other health problems. Actually, we all know this, but why is it so difficult to maintain the desired weight? And what exactly is a healthy weight?

What is a healthy weight?

To find out whether you have a healthy weight, it must first be measured. The scale measures weight and when you put this figure in combination with your height, we get an index allowing us to calculate the health risks. This is the Body Mass Index (BMI). This method is most commonly used to check if your weight is healthy. The calculation module is: your weight (in kilogrammes) divided by your height (in meters) squared. If you weigh 52 kilos and are 1.62 meters tall then your BMI index is 19.8. This is for both men and women a healthy BMI. A BMI between 20 and 25 is considered to be a healthy weight. A BMI below 18.5, is known as underweight. A BMI of over 25 is considered overweight. A BMI of over 30 means you are severely overweight or obese. The BMI can be calculated for children and adults ages 2 to 70 years.

Lose weight

If you are overweight, losing weight is the only way to get a healthier body weight. However, this is a cumbersome process during which a lot of perseverance is required. Healthier eating and exercise is the best way to get from an unhealthy weight to a healthy weight. Fortunately, there are several tools available that can give you an extra boost. These medications have a very powerful effect and ensure a faster weight loss. Losing weight is not a one-time event, it is an endless process. Once you have reached your target weight, you want to stay there. That takes effort.

Maintain a healthy weight

The most important thing, after having achieved your goal to obtain a healthy weight, is to maintain it. You can stay at the weight if there is a balance between the amount of energy you take in from food & drinks and the amount of energy your body uses. The balance must be precisely matched to each other. For a woman, this is an average of 2,000 calories (kcal) a day and for a man an average of 2,500 kcal a day. After losing weight, your body needs less energy and therefore needs less food to maintain the balance.

Keep moving

It is important to keep moving. This helps keep your muscles and joints supple and ensures a good metabolism. And that again ensures that you can burn more calories by the accumulated muscle mass and therefore you stay at a healthy weight. Try to move every day for at least half an hour to an hour. This does not necessarily have to be continuous, this time can be spread over the day. This way you keep fit. You do not have to achieve athletic results. It is important to practice regularly activities that you can keep up with for a prolonged period of time, such as cycling, sports, sex, walking the dog and household chores. You see, there are many possibilities. Choose activities that you like and which you will be able to maintain. Also, make sure you accommodate variation and fit it well into your daily life. Try to make a habit of doing something every day.

Keep eating healthy

In addition to exercise, nutrition also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy eating gives you energy and boosts your metabolism. Eat varied and do not take in too much fat, sugar and alcohol. Try to establish a daily menu containing elements of each part of the food pyramid. Try to cook fresh as much as possible, this way you have control of how much salt, fat and sugar you use. Two pieces of fruit and many vegetables per day reduce the risk of health problems. Try to vary regularly between different fruits and vegetables. Do you not like fruits and vegetables? You can also drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, so you still get these nutrients. Of course, you will grow hungry sometimes. How do you solve that? Since the appeal of the candy machine is sometimes quite large, it may come in handy to take along some healthy snacks yourself. Examples of healthy snacks are raw nuts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cream cheese, radish and boiled egg. Drink water, tea and coffee instead of soda or juice ready-made from the factory.

Keep checking

In addition, it is important to regularly check whether your weight is staying stable. Once a week on the scale should be sufficient. The best is to do this weekly at the same time. This way you can check if you are gaining weight. If that is the case, your energy balance is off and you need to try to eat less and healthier as well as exercise more.

Do not be too hard on yourself, give yourself the space to make mistakes. Of course, you give in to temptation occasionally and eat something you realise afterwards that you would have preferably not eaten. It happens to everyone. Balancing this will definitely help you in maintaining a healthy weight!

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