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How to Stop Diarrhoea With Home Products

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Diarrhoea treatments that you did not know about

A bad mussel, the Noro virus, stress … there are many factors that can cause an attack of acute diarrhoea. In these cases doctors advise not to take drugs directly, diarrhoea usually heals itself after a while. If you want to stop diarrhoea symptoms faster, there are all kinds of home, garden, and kitchen remedies that may help. We found a number of notable tips to stop diarrhoea that you probably do not know yet. Many people agree that these treatments stop diarrhoea. All we can say is that some doctors approve these tips some may not but they are certainly worth a try!

Cola with salt stops diarrhoea

There are many stories about the positive effects of cola on diarrhoea, although scientists say it is nonsense most of us agree it works. Tips go from drinking cola without any gas bubbles to drinking heated cola. It is evens said you can stop diarrhoea by drinking cola with a lump of sugar or drinking cola with a teaspoon of salt. If you are not a cola fan then you just try one of the following recipes:

  1. Eat a bowl of goat yogurt with lots of nutmeg
  2. Drink oak bark tea, gander tea or pomegranate peel tea
  3. Mix half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and half a teaspoon of cumin in two tablespoons of yogurt and take a spoonful three times daily
  4. Boil some white rice, let the broth cool down and drink it

Now let’s hope it helps…

A stick-in-the-mud will try nothing new

Those who prefer to stick to the less exotic foods, of course, can always fall back on the grated apple with cinnamon. Broth, dry biscuits and bananas seem to work also quite well against diarrhoea. We heard good things about oatmeal. It absorbs the moisture in the intestines rendering the stool more compact. Sour milk (yogurt, buttermilk) is also fine. It contains good bacteria which help to restore the intestinal flora more quickly. However, our favourite tip is always this: take a bit of extra dark chocolate. The flavonoids in cocoa seem to work as a diarrhoea inhibitor.

Beware of dehydration

No matter which alternative cure you try against diarrhoea, make sure that you drink enough fluids. Severe diarrhoea can cause dehydration. You can prevent that by continuously drinking small sips of water or juice. Mix the water with an ORS (oral rehydration solution) formulation, it fills up the levels of salts and sugar you lost. Pay particular attention to this with babies, young children and the elderly: they dry out faster. If the symptoms persist or the diarrhoea worsens, contact your family doctor. He can figure out what is causing the diarrhoea. Then you would probably have to take medication such as loperamide, activated charcoal or antibiotics. Always consult a physician if the diarrhoea is accompanied by blood in the stool.

Do you have any other tips against diarrhoea?

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