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Why does sex hurt for men?

When it comes to pain during sex, we usually think about symptoms in women. But did you know that men can also experience pain during sex? In this blog post we will discuss the causes for this pain and give tips on how to remedy them.

Fungal infection or STI’s

For men, pain during intercourse is often caused by an infection to the penis. It can involve a fungal infection that usually affects the glans (balanitis). In addition to pain, there is often also some itching and skin irritation. An antifungal medication may help to reduce the symptoms. An infection may also indicate an STI. In this case you can sometimes (but not always!) suffer from a discharge from the penis or pain when urinating. Have yourself tested if you have symptoms after unprotected sex.

Prostate Inflammation

A prostate inflammation can also cause pain during sex. The pain is felt in the area between the anus and the scrotum and may radiate to the legs and groin during ejaculation. Prostatitis is common. The inflammation can be acute, usually in combination with a urinary tract infection, fever and chills. Sometimes the chronic inflammation and the symptoms are less severe, but can last for years. Acute prostatitis is usually treated with antibiotics. Urinating helps to accelerate the healing of the inflammation. In chronic prostatitis, hot baths and massaging the prostate can provide some relief.

Narrowed foreskin

Sometimes the foreskin can become narrower in grown men, and as a result it will no longer be able to slide over the glans. This causes painful erections and pain during sex. The narrowing is often caused by inflammation, for example as the result of poor hygiene, or lichen sclerosus, a skin disease that causes inflammation in the genitals. A narrowing of the foreskin can be prevented by keeping the penis clean. Wash the glans regularly, but be careful with soap. Always slide the foreskin back over the glans if you have urinated or after lovemaking. If the stenosis is caused by lichen sclerosus, the doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid cream to reduce the symptoms.

Pelvic Complaints

As with women, a too tense pelvic floor can also cause pain during sex in men. The pain is usually felt during ejaculation, but can also occur in the scrotum or glans. Sometimes too tense pelvic muscles also lead to urinary problems and erectile dysfunction. A physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor problems can give you exercises to relax the muscles in the pelvic area. This reduces the symptoms.

What to do when you have pain during sex

Pain during intercourse is a signal that something is wrong. Therefore, it is wise to consult a doctor when in pain. He or she can determine the cause, give you advice, prescribe a medication or send you to a specialist or therapist. Talk about it with your partner so that he or she understands why you might want to tone it down in bed.


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