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Light Therapy – Where and when you want…

Do you sometimes suffer from fatigue or a lack of concentration? Until recently, you could blame your biological clock: “Phew, yeah, I’m just more of a night owl.” Nowadays, however, this is not a good excuse anymore. With the newest form of light therapy you can adapt your biological clock to your lifestyle. And all this with a nice pair of glasses! Due to the help of light therapy, it means you may not require to go to a hospital or a private clinic.


Scientists have found that exposure to intense light can reduce a lot of symptoms. Former light therapy was given by means of a huge light bulb. You had to sit down for over an hour, and afterwards you still needed about fifteen minutes to dismount the machine and push everything under your bed. In 2016, you can have your light therapy where and when you want it: on the plane, on your bike or at your desk. With the latest technology, the massive light bulb is reduced to sleek sunglasses with integrated LEDs, such as the Propeaq. Light therapy is therefore just as mobile as you are.

Glasses against jetlag

Light therapy, as used in the Propeaq glasses, works on the basis of blue light. This light affects your biological clock, so you can shift your biorhythm. Effects of a time difference or sleeping problems, such as fatigue or a lack of energy, are thus directly suppressed. Really handy when you have to go on a long haul flight and want to start working right away upon arrival. Athletes have even used these glasses during the Olympics. Athletes and business people are fond of these glasses-against-jetlag. It improves their concentration, allowing them to perform optimally at times when it is necessary. For this same reason, these light glasses are also useful for people who work in shifts.

Difficulties sleeping

If you are not a professional athlete and seldom or never fly, the light therapy glasses can still be useful for you. Light therapy is also ideal as a remedy against sleeping problems and seasonal depression. Many people have trouble falling asleep, or they wake up very early. Light therapy helps to adapt the biological clock in a way to enhance your sleep-wake rhythm. This has proven to be better for your resistance, your concentration, your libido and your mood. The light glasses also compensate the lack of daylight during the autumn and the winter, helping lift your mood and your energy levels.

How does your biorhythm work?

The alternation between light and dark is very important for your biorhythm. When it gets dark, our body produces the hormone melatonin. This ensures that you get tired and fall asleep. When the morning light hits again, your body produces the hormone cortisol, which suppresses the effect of melatonin. You wake up and are alert. Unfortunately, there are many factors in our daily life that confuse the process. Long haul flights and night shifts for example, can disturb your sleep-wake rhythm, just like stress, a cool climate (little sun) and excessive use of TV, smartphones and other “light beacons.” The result? At night, you sleep badly, making you tired and less focused during the day causing a drop in your productivity. A disturbed biorhythm can even cause symptoms like seasonal depression and a burnout.

Which reason would you like to use light therapy glasses?

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