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Online health care – the solution during COVID-19

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Dokteronline.com offers a large European network of registered pharmacies

The coronavirus has turned our daily lives upside down. Shops have closed their doors, governments have ordered the closure of schools, and people are confined to their homes most of the day. The coronavirus outbreak has also put unprecedented strain on healthcare systems. A visit to the doctor is only possible in case of an emergency. Pharmacists are worried about potential shortages, and over-the-counter medicines that can be bought at chemists' and supermarkets are selling out quickly. Many people are therefore turning to online resources for their health needs. It is precisely in these times that online healthcare platforms offer a solution as the go-to location for medical advice and treatments. At Dokteronline.com, you can rest assured that this is done safely.

Availability of medicines

At present, healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to help coronavirus patients. As a result, non-urgent matters are being put on hold. So what happens if you have mild health issues? You can choose to wait until your symptoms pass or you can go online for information about your health concerns. This is where Dokteronline.com’s reliable e-health model comes in. As the platform is connected to a network of pharmacies across Europe, most medicines are in stock and ready to be shipped.

Medical advice from a registered doctor

Dokteronline.com is an informative website that also provides an online service. We don’t offer products ourselves but we can, if desired, put you in touch with an independent registered EU doctor for an online consultation. Should the doctor write you a prescription for a medicine, this will be sent to your home address, or to an affiliated European pharmacy if you instruct us to do so. They will make sure your treatments are delivered safely, quickly and discreetly to your doorstep. Dokteronline.com is not an online doctor, an online pharmacy or Internet pharmacy, but a consultation service provider. Because your medication is delivered to your doorstep, you don't need to stand in long queues at your local pharmacy. This makes it easier to keep your distance from other people plus there is no risk of products being out of stock. What's more, home delivery reduces the risk of catching COVID-19, which is a comforting thought in these difficult times.

European network of certified pharmacies

Pharmacies are currently under just as much pressure as GPs and specialists. Many pharmacies have changed their opening hours or installed dispensing machines to minimise contact between patients and pharmacy assistants. However, these (dispensing) machines are not suitable for medicines that require refrigeration or large packages.

In these times of corona, patients themselves are also reluctant to go to the pharmacy. Although people are advised to keep at least 1.5 metres distance from each other, not everyone observes these social distancing guidelines. What's more, a lot of products may not even be available. This makes ordering medicines online a good alternative.

Because of the COVID-19 impact on the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists fear a increasing shortage of medicines. Dokteronline.com’s consultation service makes use of a European network of certified pharmacies. This ensures the availability of high-quality medicines as well as a bigger supply of products.

Safety first

Needless to say that our top priority is to provide you with high-quality health treatment. Doctors, pharmacists, medicine and medical information, everyone and everything is checked and double-checked for safety, amongst others by an independent medical advisory board. In addition, online payment is always carried out in a secure environment.

About Dokteronline.com

Dokteronline.com is a platform for connecting patients with doctors and pharmacies, enabling targeted treatment and care. Dokteronline.com believes in responsible self-management when it comes to treatable complaints.


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