Spring Health Habits

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Get rid of those thick winter coats and dawn some spring healthy habits. Autumn depression and winter blues, see you next year! Its time for lighter clothing and making plans for summer holiday. But it is also time to think about the few extra stones we put on over the winter. Its even time to spend more time outdoors, and visiting friends. Going outdoors, jogging, and fresh air are just some of the spring health habits


Spring brings enlightenment. Literally. After having gotten up for months in the dark, there is now a glimmer of light on the horizon – from early morning until at least mid-evening. All that light has a considerable effect on our brain. It ensures that more messenger substances are created in the brains, which is important for our happiness level. Hence light therapy is increasingly used in the treatment of seasonal depression. Dark thoughts melt out of the way like snow in the sun. Now that spring has started, you do not need a lamp. You will automatically become a little sunshine yourself.


Because the weather is now better, we are often all together outside. Taking on activities such as biking, going for a walk or sipping a drink on a terrace, if necessary with our coat on. Once you get out in the sun, your skin starts to create vitamin D. This substance is important to your immune system, but also for the production of serotonin (the happy- hormone par excellence). Exercise also increases the endorphins in your body which is s a substance that acts as a natural antidepressant. The air also gives you a boost of oxygen and improves your circulation. All in all a care-package that no spa can match. After a sportive getaway in sunny weather you feel fresh and fit. You are less tired, sleep better at night and have more energy. Delicious!

Lose weight

Once it is spring, summer is also on its way. With that idea in mind, we are suddenly a lot more motivated to lose a few pounds. This way we can fit again into our tight bikini or swimsuit. An additional advantage is that there are plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables available. Going on a diet, is no penalty if you like fresh strawberries and asparagus. And all those extra vitamins are also good for your resistance. A win- win situation!


In the spring, intimacy gets a boost. Not only outside with the birds and bunnies, but also in our own bedroom. Why is that? There are several theories. Our increased libido could be caused by longer days. Again, the light factor plays a major role: more daylight means less need for sleep and more time for fun games in bed. Another cause may be that we wear less layers of clothes. Frilly summer dresses, shorts; if you see more bare arms and legs, you start too long for more sex (unconsciously). Who is right? Who cares…… on to the first mini-skirts in the street!

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