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The Best Way to Cleanse Your Face

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What skin cleansing type are you? A scrubber? Someone who devours wipes? Or do you regularly jump into bed with makeup? Healthy skin starts with learning the best way to cleanse your face. And that entails more than just the ‘wash and ready’ method. Using the wrong skin cleaning products can cause a variety of skin conditions. Oils, alcohol, and sulfates are all ingredients that play an important role in products for cleansing your face, but not all skin products are created equal. Even facial cleaning techniques give you different results. For the allergy and acne sufferers its important to focus on product knowlege and the right cleansig methods.

Why cleanse your face?

The skin on your face is exposed to dirt all day. We start in the morning already with a layer of makeup. Then we go outside, where dust and residues from exhaust fumes and other junk hang in the air. Your skin also gets dirty from within. Dead skin cells are pushed to the surface, sweat and sebum: all very natural but also damaging to your skin. You pores get clogged with dirt, causing your skin to breathe less. In addition, a dirty skin does not absorb moisturizer and other skin care products as well as it should. Daily facial cleansing is therefore essential.

How not to do it.

Easy does it. Cleaning your face with products such as ready- to-use wipes seems ideal. Wipe once, and your skin is as fresh as a daisy. That is, if you believe commercials. Dermatologists warn, however, that these ‘useful ‘ wipes are full of fragrances and preservatives. Your skin may develop an allergy to these substances. Complaints such as eczema and other skin problems are lurking behind a corner. Washing your skin with hot water and soap or other detergents is not wise either. This dissolves your natural skin oils and can cause dry skin.

How to do it well.

Dermatologists recommend to clean the skin of the face with a mild product. Use a cleansing milk or lotion for sensitive skin, then you know for sure that it contains no harsh substances. Apply the product, preferably with a special face cleaning brush such as the Luna Foreo. This device works on sonic pulsations and thus provides an additional intensive, but very mild facial cleansing. The dirt is as it were shaken loose from the skin. The silicone bristles have the effect of a light peel which makes your skin silky smooth.


Scrubbing is an essential part of face cleaning. It ensures that the old skin layer disappears quickly. This reduces impurities and your skin is radiating. Scrubbing needs to be done following a set of rules:

Scrub only when necessary and no more than once at most twice a week.

Use a product that is not too coarse. A salt or sugar scrub is great for your body. However, your facial skin is much thinner and more sensitive. Always take a product that is especially developed for the face. Tip: Use a facial cleansing brush instead of a scrub. It works just as well and is less aggressive.

Scrub only the parts of your face that need scrubbing. Usually this is the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin. Leave the rest of your face alone and always avoid the delicate skin around your eyes!

Rinse the skin with lukewarm water. Pamper your face afterwards with a refreshing lotion and a moisturizing cream. This way you are guaranteed a super clean, healthy and radiant skin.

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