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The last 5 kilos: how to lose them

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You've been exercising and changing your diet for a while now. In the beginning, the pounds flew off, but as you get closer to your target weight, it gets more complicated. Your body needs less energy to maintain its current weight. But you still want to live a healthy lifestyle. We want to help you lose those last five kilos with the following tips:

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

You are on track with losing weight, or maybe you think occasionally “I could lose more.” But actually, the most crucial question is: Do you feel good about yourself? We hope, of course, that you can say “yes.: But if not (yet), it’s helpful to learn what the reasons could be. Is it stress, and where does that come from? Is it mental, or is it physical? And what do you want to do about it?

What do you want to achieve?

Do you have a target weight in your head, do you want to live a healthier lifestyle or stay at your current weight? If you want to lose a few more pounds, then it's helpful to set some goals for yourself and make a plan. But if you want to maintain your current weight, you must eat regularly and exercise. A healthy weight depends on your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your waist size. Measure your waist and enter your height and kilograms on this website. A healthy weight can be a significant determinant of your health. Being underweight or overweight can influence your sleep, metabolism, stress, and effects of medication. A BMI of 18.5 to 25 indicates a healthy weight. Also, enter the circumference of your waist because it may be that you have a healthy BMI, but your waist size is too high. In that case, you should consider your waist size, because the health risks (including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and joint problems) are higher if you have more fat around your belly.

Sufficient rest and sleep

It sounds very logical in theory to get enough rest and sleep, but things often go differently in practice. You want to finish that TV show, read that page, write that email. These reasons are not necessarily wrong, but what is much more frustrating is when your head is filled, and you feel stressed. Stress is disastrous for your health and weight. Not only does it often cause you to sleep poorly, but it also (unconsciously) can lead to eating poorly. If you suffer from stress, your body makes the hormone cortisol. A lot of stress that lasts for a long time can lead to high levels of this stress hormone. You may experience symptoms such as fatigue, negative emotions, and sleep deprivation.

Keep a food diary

Are you eating more or less than you think? Keep a food diary and gain insight by writing down every day what you eat. Write down every day what you eat. You can do this with an app or in a notebook. Apps also show you how many calories are in each product. Then you immediately know what you eat a lot of and what you can eat more. Keep track of your eating pattern for a week, so you know what the current situation is. The more accurate, the better (think of grams, tablespoons, etc.). Writing it down already gives you a lot of knowledge, and an app often automatically counts the nutritional values. By keeping track, you become aware of your eating pattern and get the tools to make changes.

Eating mindful

How much food do you put in your mouth without thinking about it? We are used to eating quickly, whether at the table or in front of the television. Often, we are not aware of what we are eating and are therefore are not mindful. If we eat too quickly, we miss the signal that we are full. If we eat in front of the television, it creates too many distractions. As a result, our brain doesn't know that you've already had enough. Try to chew your food well and take small bites. Eating slowly makes you aware of what you are eating, and therefore increases your taste sensation, which will make you eat less. Also, make sure you drink enough water. Drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day, so your body can eliminate waste.

Lose weight through diet and exercise

Do you find it difficult to lose those 5 kilos, and have you tried everything? Sometimes it's the diet; sometimes it's the lack of exercise. Losing weight through diet and exercise is certainly possible if you combine the two. If you have kept your food diary, you now know your pitfalls. Besides, exercise is healthy for you, especially if you want to lose weight. A good goal is to exercise moderately to intensively for 2.5 hours per week. Moderate exercise means that your breathing and heart rate go up, but you can still talk. With intensive training, you start panting, breathing heavier, and sweating. A minimum of 8000 steps per day will get you a long way.

Losing weight with medication

Losing weight with medication is an option for some, but does it work? Indeed, not every remedy helps, but there are a lot of treatments that can be beneficial. For example, there are supplements that make your metabolism go faster. There are also appetite suppressants that can subdue your sense of hunger. There are certain fat blockers or carbohydrate blockers that prevent fats and carbohydrates from binding. These drugs are considered dietary supplements. In addition to these supplements, there is also waste medication. Think of drugs like Mysimba, Xenical, Saxenda, or Orlistat. These weight loss medications are not freely available, so always consult a doctor before starting them. Also, do not take more than recommended, and be sure to follow the doctor's advice.

And are you ready to lose those last 5 kilos? With these tips, you'll know how to live healthily and get rid of those last few kilos. Pay attention to your health and make sure you do not gain weight around your belly because belly fat plays a role in health risks. Exercise regularly and get enough rest and sleep. A healthy diet is also essential. Want more information? Dokteronline.com can help you with more questions about losing weight.

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