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Tips to help you take your medication

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Knowing when to take which pill?

If you have to take a lot of regular medication, it can be hard work remembering to take the medication on time, remembering which pills you have already swallowed, and working out how to make such a hard tablet break in the middle.

Fortunately, there are a lot of handy tools and tricks to help you get a grip on your medication. These tools make managing your medication a lot easier.

Keep things clear

If you take medication every day, a pill box is a godsend. Thanks to the transparent lid, you can see at a glance whether you have already taken your medication. The box has seven compartments, one for each day of the week. These are usually also subdivided into boxes so that you can swallow pills per session or separate into several types of medication; it’s invaluable as an aid in medicine use.

Available at the pharmacy, but you can sometimes also find them at the supermarket.

Set an alarm

If you are a bit handy with your smartphone, you can set an alarm to remind you to take your medication. There are also useful apps that can give you a special alert. Make sure you are close to your medication when the alarm goes. If necessary, put them in your handbag if you plan to go out for the day. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can always buy a medication reminder clock.

The alarm of your digital watch is another possibility.

Help with splitting tablets

Sometimes a doctor prescribes a half (or a quarter) tablet of a medication. The tablets can usually be cut in half using a kitchen knife. If you still have trouble breaking the tablet, you can ask for a tablet splitter from the pharmacy. These devices are usually used as an aid in medical use and are also suitable for crushing tablets. However, only ever do this on the advice of a doctor.

Halving suppositories is easy with the help of a warm knife. Hold the knife under the hot tap for a while, dry it well and place it in the middle of the pill. Due to the heat, the fat base of the suppository melts and you can easily halve it.

Open packaging

Nothing is more frustrating than tablets that you can’t possibly get out of the blister pack, especially if you have limited mobility in your hands or wrists. Fortunately, useful inventions have been made to solve this problem, such as a gadget that pushes the pill out of the blister packaging.

You can buy one online or at a department store. An alternative is to ask the pharmacy to remove the tablets from the strips and give them in a container.

Automatic pill dispenser

You can also buy automatic pill dispensers which use technology to supply tablets just at the right moment. You place the tablets in the device, programme it with your details, and the machine can dispense the tablets just at the right moment, beeping at the right time.

It makes the chore of remembering medication a piece of cake!

However, these drug dispensers are not cheap and are not always available on the NHS.

Help from your GP and pharmacist

Taking your medication properly is important. Do you take a lot of medication and do you have trouble taking the tablets or drinks in time? Then have a chat with your doctor or pharmacist.

They may well know some additional tricks or aids to make managing your medication that little bit easier.

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