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Top 5 Fat Burning Activities

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We all know that a healthy diet and sufficient exercise help to lose weight. But what are the sports that burn the most calories? In other words, which type of exercise is best for weight loss? has summarised the best fat burning exercises below.

1. Squash

Squash is a game that gained popularity in the 1990s. It involves hitting a ball on a walled indoor court with a racket, forcing the opponent to run like mad across the floor. If you’re ready to burn lots of calories, dust off your racket and go find your sweatbands. You can burn 840 calories by playing an hour of squash. Plus it’s a great way to build stamina and endurance.

2. Cycling

Cycling is healthy, easy as well as fun. If you want to take your daily cycling commute to the next level, then buy or hire a racing bike and get ready to ride fast. At 25 to 30 km per hour, you could burn at least 840 calories an hour. Does bad weather put you off cycling? Then go to the gym for a spinning class and spin 630 calories away in just one hour!

3. Swimming

If working up a sweat or muscle pain isn’t your thing, then swimming may a good exercise. Swimming in cool water means you won’t get overheated. You won’t even feel that you’re sweating. Floating horizontally in water also takes pressure off muscles and joints, reducing the chance of muscle pain and injuries. What’s more, swimming works the muscles of the entire body, so it’s a great workout. An easy swim burns around 500 calories an hour, while a vigorous effort can torch almost 700!

4. Rope skipping

No time to exercise because you’re busy minding the children? Rubbish! Grab a rope out of the shed, put on your sport shoes and get skipping. You may think of jumping rope as child’s play. But it’s an intensive sport and one of best fat-burning workouts in existence. Ask boxers and other top athletes! You will reduce 560 calories at least if you jump rope for about an hour. Rope skipping is also one of the greatest exercises for improving the muscles in your arms, abdomen, legs and buttocks. Don’t worry about the kids, they can join you! Minding the children, exercising and having fun all at the same time.

5. Running

‘Life is like a box of chocolates…’ Mind you, if you eat a whole box of chocolates, you may want to think about ways to compensate for those calories. A one-hour run will burn around 700 calories per hour, provided you run at a pace of 11 km per hour. If you like to run slower, don’t worry. Jogging is also an efficient way to burn calories: one hour of jogging at moderate pace still allows you to burn 490 calories.

Weight and intensity

How many calories you will actually burn depends on certain factors such as your weight and the exercise intensity. The examples above are based on an average weight of 70 kg and moderate-intensity exercise. The harder you exercise, the more calories you will burn. But don’t overdo it. Exercising harder doesn’t mean exercising better. Make sure you warm up thoroughly before exercising and gradually build the intensity. This will reduce your risk of injuries.

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