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    Autumn is just around the corner. Feeling gloomy and tired all the time? For many people seasonal changes can be difficult, especially the transition to autumn. A healthy lifestyle helps to prevent the autumn blues. In this blog you'll read why it's so important to take good care of yourself and how you can improve your lifestyle. Bring on autumn! This year, you'll welcome the new season feeling happy and healthy!

    Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?

    Bad eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking alcohol... We all know it's unhealthy. People who don't take care of themselves properly tend to feel less energetic, tire easily and are more susceptible to infections. But it doesn't stop there. An unhealthy lifestyle also increases the chance of:

    Don't let it get this far! Changing your lifestyle will make you feel healthier, build up your immune system and reduce your risk of serious health problems.

    Do you want to welcome autumn feeling great? Then start with a healthy diet, more exercise and giving up smoking and alcohol. Good quality sleep and getting your weight to a healthy level also helps keep your body healthy. Easier said than done? Absolutely. Therefore, we've compiled some tips to get you on the road to a healthier life.

    Getting your weight to a healthy level

    Are you overweight and ready to shed those pounds? Crash dieting can be tempting in many ways, offering a quick fix to your weight loss woes. But if you are committed to losing weight and want to keep yourself from falling back into bad eating habits, it is necessary to eat healthy and regularly.

    Here are some tips to lose weight responsibly:

    • Drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 litres a day), tea without sugar or other low-calorie drinks. Drinking fluids helps reduce appetite and cleanse your body of waste.
    • Eat whole grain products instead of refined grain products. Fibre makes you feel full and helps prevent constipation.
    • Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats. They can cause atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as thrombosis.
    • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables with every meal. For example, have a big salad for lunch and top your sandwich with cucumber and tomato slices.
    • Being physically active helps to lose weight faster. You can work out at the gym, but gardening also counts as exercise. The same goes for walking the dog and doing housework.

    Still having trouble losing weight or do you suffer from obesity? Then you may be eligible for our treatments. Medications such as Mysimba and Saxenda reduce hunger and appetite. Orlistat and Xenical help lower fat intake from your diet. These treatments are only available on prescription.

    Giving up smoking

    Did you know that smoking shortens your life by on average 5 to 10 years? That’s how harmful smoking is to your body. Unfortunately, nicotine is addictive, which makes giving up smoking difficult. These tips will increase your chances of quitting successfully:

    • Use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products. NRT patches, gum or mouth spray help reduce cravings and feelings of withdrawal.
    • Quitting is easier if you do it together. Sign up for the stop smoking challenge Stoptober and connect with fellow quitters. There is a Stoptober app that can be downloaded for free.
    • Eat regularly. Smoking decreases appetite. After quitting, an empty stomach may fuel nicotine cravings.

    Quitting smoking has many benefits, including a reduced risk of developing lung problems and improved taste and smell. It also slows down the progression of lung diseases such as COPD.

    Cutting back on alcohol

    According to doctors, you should limit how much alcohol you drink to reduce health risks. Do you want to drink less alcohol or stop drinking entirely? Here are some tips:

    • Why not sign up for Dry January with friends, family or colleagues so you're in it together? It will make the process of quitting easier.
    • Set clear goals and reward yourself when you've reached them.
    • Avoid trigger situations like pubs and clubs, especially when you first stop drinking.

    Withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, sweating and palpitations generally wear off over time. In the case of alcohol addiction, withdrawal medications may be prescribed.

    Enter autumn feeling energised

    Poor sleep is more common than you might think. The good news is there are many things you can do to get a better night's sleep.

    • Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and quiet.
    • Maximise exposure to natural light during the day.
    • Be physically active during the day so that your body gets tired.
    • Find ways to relax. Stress and sleep are closely linked and can adversely affect each other.
    • Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol in the evening. These stimulants will prevent you from sleeping.

    A healthy lifestyle keeps you fit and happy

    Adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent many ailments and diseases. Get healthy now and you'll soon notice the difference in your energy level, mood, physical resistance and the quality of your sleep.

    Enjoy autumn!

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