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BreastGro is a specifically designed range of breast care and enhancement products. The range is designed for women who wish to enhance the natural shape of their breasts and/or increase them in size. More information

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The BreastGro range of products is designed to increase and firm the size of a woman’s breasts naturally without the need for surgery. The range includes capsules, volumising cream, lifting gel and a firming mask. Each works slightly differently but all the products have the same objective: to volumise and enhance the breasts. The capsules contain only natural ingredients and work from the inside to enlarge the breasts. The cream, gel and mask all work on the outside of the body to lift the breasts and complement their natural contours. 

What is BreastGro? 

BreastGro is a specifically designed range of breast care and enhancement products. The range is designed for women who wish to enhance the natural shape of their breasts and/or increase them in size. The main ingredient in the capsules is hops, which stimulate the growth of breast tissue naturally, as in puberty. The cream, gel and mask all promote firmness and care for the skin too, giving softer, firmer breasts and décolletage (the upper chest and neckline) area. 

BreastGro capsules 

The capsules are used to increase the size of the breasts by up to one or two cup sizes. They contain only natural ingredients including hops, soya, grains and isoflavones (plant hormones). They are suitable for vegetarians. 

BreastGro capsules stimulate breast development by producing glandular tissue in the breasts. This mimics the hormones that do this during puberty when a woman’s breasts begin to develop. For this reason, BreastGro capsules should not be used by women under 18 years of age. Once the breasts have started to increase in size (usually over a period of months) you may continue to take BreastGro capsules to maintain your enhanced breast size. The capsules are taken with water. 

BreastGro volumising cream 

This cream has been designed to give a woman’s breasts more firmness and volume. It stimulates the fatty tissue stored naturally in the breasts, promotes their size and makes them feel fuller and softer. BreastGro volumising cream contains the unique ingredients Volufiline® and Kigeline® which are responsible for the enhancement of the breasts. Volufiline® is a plant-based product that stimulates lipid storage, giving an increase in the volume of the fatty tissue in the breasts. Kigeline® is a natural product extracted from the Kigelia tree which is found in Africa. It is used to firm and restore lost elasticity of the skin.  

BreastGro lifting gel 

BreastGro lifting gel stimulates the production of collagen to lift and firm the breasts. Collagen strengthens the skin’s structure and is a protein that occurs in the body naturally. It gives the skin elasticity and strength. If the breasts and décolletage have become slack this gel can restore the firmness of the skin and soften it too. It contains the unique ingredients Bio-Bustyl™ and Skin Tightener ST®. Bio-Bustyl™  restructures and tones the skin by promoting collagen production and cell metabolism, resulting in firmness.  

When is BreastGro used? 

BreastGro is used when a woman is not content with the size of her breasts and feels they are too small or not firm enough. 

There are many reasons why a woman may wish to increase the size or enhance the firmness of her breasts. This could be to boost her confidence if she feels her breasts are small, to make the breasts firmer after childbirth and/or breastfeeding, or to define the breasts after the menopause when the loss of the hormone oestrogen from the body can make a woman´s breasts sag. In the past, the only option for larger and fuller breasts was expensive and uncomfortable cosmetic surgery. However, BreastGro avoids the need for any hospital treatment, surgery or injections. 

Every woman is different in terms of body shape and her body’s absorption of BreastGro, and the increase in the size of the breasts when using the products can vary. However, on average a women’s breasts can increase by one-two cup sizes after the use of BreastGro for the recommended period of time (6-8 months). Once the desired result is achieved BreastGro can be used as a maintenance product to keep the new and fuller and firm size. 

How do you use BreastGro? 

The BreastGro range of products is easy to use whether you select the capsules, volumising cream, lifting gel or firming mask. BreastGro capsules: when you begin to take BreastGro capsules it is recommended you take two capsules a day for one week. For the following weeks, you should take four capsules a day at regular, spaced-out intervals.When you notice that your breasts have become fuller and you are happy with the result you can continue to take BreastGro capsules to maintain the effect. To do this you should take two capsules every day. It is important to drink lots of water when you are taking BreastGro capsules to ensure the body completely absorbs the ingredients. You should drink at least 0.4l of water with each BreastGro capsule you take. It is preferable to take these capsules after meals. In addition, the tablets can taste a little dry, so it is more comfortable to take them with plenty of water. 

BreastGro Volumising cream: this should be massaged into the breasts and décolletage thoroughly twice a day, morning and evening. Use a gentle circular motion to apply the cream and avoid getting dressed immediately after application to allow the cream the time to be absorbed into the breasts. The cream should be used for a minimum of 8 weeks to achieve successful results. It can also be used in conjunction with BreastGro capsules for enhanced enlargement of the breasts. You may use BreastGro cream for longer than 8 weeks if you wish to maintain the newly-achieved volume of your breasts. 

BreastGro lifting gel: this is used in the same way as the cream. Twice a day it is massaged into the breasts to uplift them. You should notice you have firmer breasts and your skin feels more elastic after a period of 4 weeks. You may then continue with the gel to maintain the effect. 

BreastGro firming mask: this mask is applied to the breasts and cleavage at night and left on until the morning when it can be washed off. It is made of a non-sticky, non-greasy formula and is slowly absorbed into your breasts overnight to firm them. The mask also has an anti-wrinkle effect. The Breastgro firming mask can be used once or twice a week. 

What dosages are there? 

BreastGro products are either taken orally (capsules) or applied to the skin (volumizing cream, lifting gel and firming mask). 

  • Capsules: take two capsules a day for the first week. Then take four capsules a day at regular intervals until your breasts become fuller and firmer. Then you can take a dose of two capsules a day to maintain the effect. 
  • Cream and gel: this should be massaged into the breasts and décolletage twice a day. 
  • Mask: this is applied to the breasts at night before going to bed and washed off in the morning. 

What are the side effects of BreastGro? 

All the products in the BreastGro range are dermatologically tested. This means they have been reviewed by an authorised dermatologist who is a specialist in skin conditions and treating the skin. The products are also clinically tested. In the unlikely event that your skin is sensitive to any of the BreastGro products, you should continue use immediately and speak to a doctor.  

The possible effects of the skin being sensitive to BreastGro products could show in the form of an allergic reaction such as a skin rash, itching or redness. However, side effects from using BreastGro are very unusual. Also, you may notice a slight tingling in the breasts when you first start to use BreastGro for up to about 6 weeks. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. The sensation will eventually stop and all it means is that the product is working correctly. You may also experience reduced blood loss during menstruation or if your periods are light they may stop completely when using BreastGro.  This is normal. 

When shouldn’t you use BreastGro? 

Do not take BreastGro if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the package leaflet. Do not take BreastGro if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding. BreastGro is only to be used by women of at least 18 years of age or over as before this, particularly during puberty, the breasts could still be developing. 

BreastGro is only suitable for women, it should not be used by men.  If you have high blood pressure you should talk to your doctor before using BreastGro. If you have diabetes you should talk to your doctor before using BreastGro. You should not use BreastGro if you have an underactive or overactive thyroid gland. You should not use BreastGro if you have breast implants. If you have any other health problems and have any concerns about taking BreastGro products talk to your doctor first. 

Does BreastGro interact with other medication? 

BreastGro does not interact with other medication. BreastGro products do not interact with alcohol or affect your ability to drive safely or operate machinery. 

Where can you buy BreastGro? 

You can buy BreastGro from some pharmacies over-the-counter. 

Can  I get BreastGro without a prescription? 

Yes, you do not need a prescription for BreastGro. 




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