Quitting smoking? Buying Champix helps!

Beat your nicotine addiction with Champix

There are not many people who can quit smoking without some kind of aid. For most it is not that they don’t want to stop, it is just that their body is so addicted to nicotine that the urge to smoke is stronger. Champix puts an end to failed attempts. This medicine contains the active ingredient varenicline, a chemical compound that combats nicotine dependence in the brain, which makes it easier to quit entirely. Buying Champix is the first step to a smoke-free existence.

When should you buy Champix?

There are many ways to stop smoking. A lot of people swear by nicotine replacement therapy in the form of gum or patches. Others seek treatment that focuses on behavioural patterns. Only a few succeed in kicking the habit through sheer willpower. Unfortunately, figures show that these attempts are usually short lived. Many people eventually end up smoking again. If you are serious about giving up smoking for good, you should order Champix at This medicine works differently than nicotine patches or other aids for smoking cessation, plus it has a much higher success rate.

How does Champix work?

We all know that smoking is unhealthy. Then why is it so difficult to stay off cigarettes and other tobacco products? The answer is simple: nicotine is addictive. So the brain keeps asking for more. Champix deals with the problem at the root and works in a unique, two-fold way:
  • It blocks receptors in the brain responsible for nicotine craving, reducing the urge to smoke;
  • It reduces physical withdrawal symptoms such as headache, trembling and sugar cravings.
Champix helps you to quit smoking successfully. At, you can buy Champix without a prescription from your GP but with an online prescription that is issued after an online consultation with one of our doctors.

How to use Champix

Champix is a smoking cessation medicine that is very easy to use. You start taking the Champix tablets in a low dose while you are still smoking. This way, the brain does not notice that the medicine starts stimulating the nicotinic receptors. The dose is increased after the first week of treatment and then you quit smoking completely. By now the body has adjusted to the medicine and you will experience no withdrawal symptoms. Some things you should know before starting with Champix:
  • The usual course of treatment is 12 weeks. If necessary, an additional 12 weeks of treatment may be advised by a doctor;
  • In some people Champix may cause side effects such as stomach distress, fatigue and sleeping difficulties.
Would you like to order Champix? Then be sure to read the package leaflet carefully before use. Here you can find a full list of possible side effects, contraindications and warnings.

Buy Champix at

Champix is only available on prescription. If you cannot or don’t want to see your GP for a prescription, then this is no problem. has an online pharmacy where you can buy Champix after an online consultation. Before a prescription is issued your medical details are assessed by one of our doctors. Order Champix today and stop smoking for good. This smoking cessation medicine can be delivered to you in only one to three days.
Instruction costs
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Champix 0.5 mg 56 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Champix starterkit 0.5 mg 11 tabl. and 1 mg 14 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Champix maintenance pack 1 mg (2 weeks) 28 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Champix maintenance pack (4 weeks) 1 mg 56 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Champix maintenance pack (6 weeks) 1 mg 84 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Champix maintenance pack (8 weeks) 1 mg 112 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


Champix maintenance pack (12 weeks) 1 mg 168 tabl. + Consultation + Service fee


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