Codeine (codeine phosphate)

Experiences with Codeine

Codeine is a pain reliever. The active ingredient, codeine phosphate, blocks the transmission of pain signals in the nerve pathways. Therefore, even though the cause of the pain may remain, less or no pain is actually felt. In addition, Codeine is used to treat tickly coughs because it also has a cough suppressing effect. This information brochure provides information on how to use Codeine and lists experiences of other users.

Codeine and pain relief

Codeine is a morphine-like painkiller. Most users have had positive experiences with it. Advantages that customers have reported include its effectiveness at relieving pain, and the fact that it takes a very short time to take effect. Codeine is often used for moderate to severe pain, such as rheumatic pain, migraine or menstrual pain. According to our customers, it is also effective for treating the flu. Codeine provides about four hours of relief.

Tickly cough and Codeine

Codeine is not only used to relieve pain. It is also a good remedy for persistent tickly coughs because it is a cough suppressant. A tickly cough often gets worse when you lie down. That is why many users take Codeine before bedtime to get a good night’s rest. Codeine should only be used to treat tickly coughs. Do not use this medicine for chesty coughs.

Addictive or not?

Many people are a bit wary of morphine-like painkillers because they have a reputation for being addictive. However, if used properly this is unlikely to happen. But it is possible that the body becomes tolerant to Codeine and you need more and more of it to relieve the same pain. Tolerance develops with prolonged use, so it is important to use it for as short a period as possible. As soon as your symptoms become more tolerable, you should switch to paracetamol or a lower dose of Codeine. You should also aim to use the lowest possible strength.

Experiences with Codeine: side effects

Like all medicines, Codeine may cause side effects. Sleepiness and drowsiness are the most frequently reported side effects, so use caution when driving or performing tasks requiring alertness. Do not drink alcohol while taking Codeine as this is likely to worsen the side effects. Some customers experienced constipation (blockage in the bowel) while using Codeine. This can be avoided by drinking plenty of fluids, eating fibre-rich foods and exercising more. For more information on side effects, see the package leaflet.

Codeine reviews

We believe it is very important to offer as much information on medicines as possible on our website. This way, customers get a clear picture of our product range and can make well-informed decisions. Reviews are a valuable source of information in this respect. Would you like to share your experience with Codeine with other customers? Then write a review! On the Codeine product page you can find the online review form. You can use this form to talk about side effects, how to use Codeine and other things that you feel may be of interest to other customers. We look forward to your input!

Ordering Codeine online

Codeine provides short-term relief from pain and persistent tickly coughs. Would you like to try out Codeine for yourself? Then you can order it online without a prescription from your GP via One of our affiliated doctors can write you a prescription after an online consultation. Once a prescription is issued, the order will be packed and shipped for delivery within just one to three business days.
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Codeine (Codeine phosphate) 30 mg 100 tabl.

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