Ordering online

Most frequently asked questions about ordering online.

Why do I have to provide my telephone number?

If there are problems with your order we need to be able to contact you. If someone from Dokteronline.com needs to contact you, this will happen discretely. The conversation will be about your 'online order' and any ambiguities in your request.

Do you also accept telephone orders?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to place an order via telephone with Customer Services because of the need to protect patient confidentiality.
However, we are on hand to help you, if you need any assistance during the application process prior to the Doctor consultation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there a maximum amount I can order?

Yes, there is a maximum amount you can order. In principle, this equals the amount of 3 months use for most products, but for some products, in the mental-health category this is 1 month. Your doctor can decide to deviate from the amount you requested.

What should I do when my postal address has changed?

If your address has changed you can indicate this during the ordering procedure for a new order, and then we will automatically use your new address. In case you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team.

When can I still cancel my order?

Orders that haven't yet been forwarded to a pharmacy can still be cancelled. You can cancel your order via your account.

How long does it take to get money back from a cancelled order?
We will give you a refund as soon as we have processed the cancellation. How long it takes for the relevant sum to appear in your bank account depends on the chosen payment method.

What kind of medicines do Dokteronline.com’s partner pharmacies provide?

Our partner pharmacies carry various kinds of medicines, including over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs and those that require a prescription. All medicines and medical products that are offered on our website can be ordered or requested. All medicine and medical products that are mentioned on the website can be given for this command on your behalf to arrange at a registered EU-Pharmacy. We also arrange a consultation with prescription medications for you with a real EU-registered doctor.Do you have any suggestions for new medicines? Then contact our customer service department. We cannot guarantee that they will be added to our product range, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

How can I be sure that your medicines are not fake?

Dokteronline.com collaborates solely with verified doctors and pharmacies that only prescribe and dispense brand-name drugs from official manufacturers. In other words, the drugs that are dispensed by our partner pharmacies come from the original manufacturer. However, it may occur that a pharmacy with bulk medicines in stock will send out your order in different packaging. All Dokteronline.com products are subjected to stringent quality checks in order to provide the highest level of quality. Should you have any reason to doubt the quality or authenticity of the medicine that you have ordered, please contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will be able to determine from the barcode whether the medicine is genuine or fake. Please be aware that some products may have foreign packaging. This is not unusual or a cause for alarm. We ensure that all medicines ordered through Dokteronline.com are authentic.

Are all products covered by insurance?

Online purchases from Dokteronline.com are usually not covered by health insurers because we do not provide invoices. The reason for this is that Dokteronline.com is an online doctor’s service and platform for the sale of medical products by registered pharmacies. We therefore advise you to contact your insurance provider in advance to check that you are covered for the product you wish to buy to prevent disappointment.

What is the brand of the medicine I will receive?

If a drug is manufactured by different manufacturers, then the brand you receive depends on it, which brand the pharmacies cooperating with Dokteronline.com at the time of dispatch. The pictures on our website show only example marks as you also in our general
business conditions. This means that you do not always receive the brand that is shown in the picture.

Does Dokteronline.com perform ID checks?

ID checks have become a legal requirement for some consultations and treatments. To perform these checks we make use of the services of LexisNexis Risk Solutions Europe Ltd (LexisNexis). The ID checks run in the background during the ordering process. To carry out these checks effectively, you may be asked to check specific data. Beyond the information necessary for the ID check, you are not required to share any additional information or a copy of your ID with us.

What happens to my data after the ID check is performed?

Your personal details are used once to verify your identity. During the ID check your personal details are compared with those in the official records. The ID checks are performed in collaboration with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Europe Ltd (LexisNexis). For more information, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Can I book an online doctor's consultation without having my ID checked?

ID checks have become a legal requirement for certain consultations and treatments. In these cases, we will run a check in the background and ask you if your personal details match those on your ID document. There are also treatments that don't require an ID check. In this case, you will be able to proceed with your online doctor's consultation without having your ID checked.

What happens if the ID check fails?

A failed ID check means that discrepancies were found between the personal details entered and those in the official records that LexisNexis has access to. In such case, we will ask you to double check and confirm certain additional details. If the ID check comes back as a fail again, we cannot verify your identity and therefore won't be able to process your request.