Postpone menstruation

There are times when it is not pleasant to be on your period. Like when you just planned a nice weekend getaway, a vacation, a wedding or during a test. can get you in contact with a doctor and offer help to postpone your menstruation. Several treatments are available at the pharmacies collaborating with

Primolut N or Norethisterone
The medication that helps to delay your period is called Primolut N or Norethisterone. Both drugs contain the same active ingredient norethisterone. Both Primolut N as Norethisterone postpone menstruation until you stop taking the tablets. However, not all women are suitable to use Primolut N or Norethisterone. It is only suitable for women over the age of 16 that do not take contraceptive pills or use hormonal contraception. The treatment begins about 3 days prior to the expected menstruation.

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