Diprobase is commonly known as a form of dermatological emollient. There are various ingredients within this substance, including cetostearyl alcohol, phosphoric acid, liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin. More information

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Diprobase is a kind of over-the-counter substance that contains medications to assist with the moisturization and softening of the skin. The ingredients in this substance aren’t “active” as such, but they can be useful for treating a range of skin conditions.   

What is Diprobase? 

Diprobase is commonly known as a form of dermatological emollient. There are various ingredients within this substance, including cetostearyl alcohol, phosphoric acid, liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin. Diprobase is often used as a kind of moisturizer, to assist with conditions caused by dry skin, particularly dermatitis and eczema. These conditions often worsen and lead to more severe symptoms when the skin is allowed to dry out.  

When moisturizers are used on a regular basis to protect and soften the skin, they help the epidermis to retain moisture. This can reduce redness, scaling, and itchiness. Additionally, Diprobase can help with making the skin appear more healthy too. Diprobase needs to be applied frequently to achieve the best results.  

Diprobase is made using a mixture of soft and liquid parafins, as well as various other ingredients intended to create either an ointment or a cream. The ointment version of this medication is a greasier substance, intended specifically for dryer skin. Diprobase also contains emulsifying agents and antimicrobial preservatives. Used correctly, this medication can stop liquid from evaporating out of the skin.  

When is Diprobase used? 

Diprobase is a form of multi-purpose and protective cream intended to help with finding relief from symptoms caused by skin that is dry, chapped, and damaged. Diprobase comes in both an ointment and cream version. When applied properly, the substance can help to stop water from evaporating from the skin. This stops the condition from getting progressively worse.  

When used as part of a 3-day simple treatment, Diprobase can assist with soothing the symptoms associated with psoriasis, or eczema, as well as other dry skin conditions. This means that people can enjoy their lives without having to worry about itching, irritation, and discomfort. You should usually make sure that you apply Diprobase before showering or bathing to prevent the skin from drying even more.  

Diprobase helps with the treatment of chapped, dry, irritated, and inflamed skin. It protects raw skin from further damage and can be ideal for pre-bathing to alleviate damage. Some doctors will prescribe Diprobase as a substance that can be used to dilute the topical steroids used to treat various conditions. You may also be asked to take Diprobase after using topical steroids.  

How do you use Diprobase? 

Diprobase is a topical medication. This means that you can apply it directly to the area of skin that needs treatment. Diprobase are often very easy to use, although some people may have trouble determining how much of a cream they should use.  

Diprobase can be applied as often as required to relieve dry skin. The lack of extra ingredients like antibiotics and topical steroids found in Diprobase can reduce the risk of side effects. However, you should avoid getting this medication into your eyes. If you accidentally get the medicine in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.  

To use Diprobase, place a small amount of cream on your fingertips after washing your hands and the area to be treated. Massage the skin gently into the skin, and rash your hands after application. Remember that a single fingertip unit of Diprobase, from the top of your finger to the first knuckle, should be enough to cover your entire face.  

It is important to be cautious when using Diprobase, as it contains oils which are highly flammable. If this medication comes into contact with linens and clothing, they could have a higher risk of being ignited. If you are using a lot of moisturizer, stay away from any fire or flames.  

What dosages are there? 

Diprobase comes in the form of a cream or an ointment. The most common option is the cream version of this substance. Usually, the dose offered is a small amount applied to the affected skin. You can use the cream before showering to help protect your skin, or you can use it afterwards to hydrate your skin. The ointment version of Diprobase has a high content of oil, and it’s suitable for chapped, inflamed, damaged, or red skin.  

Diprobase ointment should also be applied in a thin layer, directly to the area that you wish to treat. Avoid using excessive amounts of this cream. Although the risk of side effects is very small, you may become more of a fire hazard when using a lot of Diprobase¸ because of the paraffin content.  

What are the side effects of Diprobase? 

Diprobase doesn’t contain any dangerous active ingredients that might cause the more common side effects that people get from topical substances. There are no corticosteroids or antibiotics in this medication that need to be treated with caution. However, all substances delivered for health and wellness can sometimes come with side effects. 

Applying a topical cream to your skin can put you at risk of suffering an allergic reaction or a negative response to the ingredients in that substance. The most common possible side effect of Diprobase is a feeling of itching or discomfort when the cream is applied. You may feel slightly uncomfortable when you apply the medication at first. However, if this issue persists, then you will need to speak to a medical professional.  

Skin reactions including itching, stinging, or peeling of the skin after using Diprobase could indicate that you might have a hypersensitivity to the ingredients. You will need to stop using Diprobase and speak to your doctor if your skin gets irritated after you use this medication. Additionally, if you notice any severe allergic reactions to Diprobase, including swelling around the tongue, mouth and lips, then you will need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.  

When shouldn’t you use Diprobase? 

Diprobase is a very safe treatment for a range of dry skin conditions. The ingredients of this Diprobase are generally safe to use and will not cause negative side effects for most people. However, as with all treatments, it is important to ensure that you know whether this substance is right for you before you begin taking it.  

When you have your consultation, you may be asked questions about your current condition and your medical history. You will need to answer all questions during your consultation or your discussion with a doctor carefully when you are considering using Diprobase. For instance, it is important that your doctor or consultation is aware of any allergies that you have. This includes allergies that you may think are not relevant.  

Some versions of Diprobase might include inactive ingredients that you are not aware of. Exposure to those ingredients could increase your chances of an allergic response. You should be safe to continue using Diprobase throughout pregnancy and breast feeding. There are no ingredients in this medication that could harm your child or unborn baby.  

It can take some time for the results of Diprobase to appear. You will need to continue taking this medication according to the instructions provided by your consultant or doctor. However, if after a few weeks you feel as though the treatment is not effective, you may need to consider an alternative option. Remember that Diprobase should not be used as the only source of treatment for a skin condition suffering from significant inflammation or infection. 

If you have a severe skin condition to address, then you may need to use steroids and antibiotics with your Diprobase.  

Does Diprobase interact with other medications? 

It is important to make sure that any of the medications that you take when using Diprobase will not affect the substances that you may already be using. Telling your consultant about all substances that you are already using, including over-the-counter medications, and herbal substances, as well as prescriptions is crucial.  

Because the active ingredients in Diprobase are very safe, it is unlikely that this medication will interact poorly with anything else that you are using. In fact, many doctors and health experts will recommend using moisturizing substances like Diprobase when you are taking other treatments for your skin, including antibiotic and steroid treatments. Diprobase smooths and softens the skin when applied up to thirty minutes before other medications. This can increase the potency of the absorption of other medications into the skin. 

If you are treating a condition like eczema, then your doctor or consultant might recommend using Diprobase thirty minutes before applying your corticosteroid cream. This will help you to get the most out of your treatment, and it could mean that you see a reduction in your inflammation faster. However, remember that if Diprobase is applied just after or before you apply other medicated creams, then there is a risk that this substance could dilute the other product that you are using. 

It’s important to follow the instructions given to you carefully when deciding when you should apply Diprobase with other medications. Usually, a waiting period of at least thirty minutes between substances will be crucial.  

Where can you buy Diprobase? 

Diprobase is available to buy over the counter or online depending on your needs. You may need to purchase this medication as part of a combination treatment.  

Can I get Diprobase without a prescription? 

Diprobase is usually available over the counter.  


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Assessed by:

Dr Imran Malik, General practitioner
Registration number: GMC: 4741365

Dr Imran Malik studied undergraduate medicine at King's College University in Central London and clinical studies at the prestigious King's College Hospital. He graduated with a MBBS degree in 2000 and went on to gain postgraduate memberships with the Royal Society of Medicine and also General Practice in 2006.