Eye disorders and problems

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Eye disorders and problems

Eye disorders or problems are very common. Most eye disorders can be treated with medication. If you have persistent problems with vision, you should see your doctor or an ophthalmologist.

What are the symptoms?
The most common eye disorders/problems include:
- Eye infection: usually affects the conjunctiva and causes symptoms such as redness, pain and discharge (eyelids that are stuck shut when you wake up in the morning).
- Irritable eyes: itchy, painful, watery and/or red eyes, often caused by allergies such as hay fever.
- Dry eyes: tired, burning or itchy eyes, light sensitivity or blurred vision, often caused by long hours of computer use or dry mucous membranes (menopause, Sjögren’s syndrome).
- Glaucoma: loss of vision (in particular the edge of the field of vision) due to increased pressure in the eyes causing optic nerve damage.

How to prevent and treat eye problems
Many eye problems, such as eye infection and irritable eyes, can be prevented by not touching the eyes with unwashed hands, wearing sunglasses or limiting computer time. Eye drops with antihistamine can help reduce hay fever symptoms in the eyes. A bacterial eye infection can be treated with antibiotics. Artificial tears or soothing eye drops can be used to manage dry eye symptoms. Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops that relieve the pressure problem.

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