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Contraceptive ring (vaginal ring)

The contraceptive ring is a vaginal ring that contains two active ingredients, ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel. These hormones are absorbed into the blood through the vaginal wall. The contraceptive ring is an ideal solution for women who have trouble taking a daily pill. One ring is inserted into the vagina every four weeks and remains in place to protect against pregnancy. After three weeks the ring is removed for a ring-free week to allow menstruation to occur. A new ring is inserted after the ring-free week.

Although the dose of hormones in the contraceptive ring is lower compared to the ordinary pill, it is still a very reliable form of contraception.

In each NuvaRing pack, there are stickers that you can place in your diary to remind you when to remove the ring. You can also sign up for a (free) service that sends you reminder SMS or e-mail messages.

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