Goodlite Diamond 3 Light Box

Goodlite Diamond 3 Light Box

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Light therapy for the whole family? It’s possible with the Goodlite ultra powerful Diamond 3 light box. The Diamond 3 light box can easily be placed on a table. More information

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What is the Goodlite Diamond 3?

Light therapy for the whole family? It’s possible with the Goodlite ultra powerful Diamond 3 light box. The Diamond 3 light box can easily be placed on a table. Because of its large size multiple persons can benefit from its therapeutic effect during one session. The Diamond 3 can be placed on the breakfast table during dark winter months, but you can also use this table-top light box on a desk, nightstand or counter. The Diamond 3 is safe to use and does not damage the eyes or skin. You can order the Goodlite Diamond 3 light box online via one of’s partner pharmacies.

What is this device used for?

Light therapy has more than proven its usefulness in a remarkable wide range of medical complaints, including sleep disturbances, winter depression and chronic fatigue. The Goodlite Diamond 3 light box can also be used to treat:

  • Non-seasonal mood disorders;
  • Disturbed circadian rhythms due to jetlag or night shifts;
  • Burn-out;
  • Hot flashes and sleep disturbances due to menopause;
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS);
  • Postnatal depression.
Light therapy is often used over the winter months when lack of sunlight affects our disposition, but you can actually use the light box the whole year through. Getting more sunlight is also beneficial during spring and summer. One big advantage of light therapy is that it has no side effects, unlike many drug-based treatments. Light therapy works by resetting our biological clock and, by doing so, many chemical processes in the body. This helps prevent and reduce a many physical and psychological symptoms naturally.

How to use the Goodlite Diamond 3?

The Goodlite Diamond 3 can be ordered online from our partner pharmacies. The light box is very easy to use. Simply set the unit on a flat surface, put the plug in the socket and switch it on. The light box has two settings, so you can adjust the light output according to your own preferences. The Goodlite Diamond 3 has a light intensity of 10,000 lux at a distance of 40 cm. Because it is a powerful light box in the Diamond range, it has a quick treatment time. The typical treatment time is 30 minutes at arm’s length. During treatment, you can read, watch TV, use a computer or eat. You don’t need to wear protective goggles. Contact lenses or reading glasses may be worn during treatment. However, it is important to glance at the light occasionally so that the bright light reaches the back of the eye (the retina). Do not look into the light box directly for long. The best time to use the light box depends on your needs. For more information and recommendations, see the package leaflet.

When not to use this device

We recommend that you talk to your doctor about light therapy if you have a sensitivity to light or suffer from epilepsy, mental problems or an eye disease. You should also consult your doctor if you are currently taking medication as light therapy may interact with certain medicines. Do not use light therapy for children without consulting a doctor first.

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